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Cutting Gel: Product Review

Cutting Gel: Product Review

Cutting Gel is a topical treatment that brings diversity in the sculpting industry. Having ripped muscles no longer has to be as complicated as before. Just apply Cutting Gel on the area that needs work and expect to be a changed man!

Cutting Gel actually ceased its sales for some time in the US but it has since returned under a new seller NutriSport. This happened when Novex Biotech negotiated with NutriSport to continue sales of the muscle defining product.

Sure, there’s a bit of doubt, but we still decided to give this product another shot, just in case.

The Method

Cutting Gel basically contains Aminophylline, a well-known asthma cure. Though it has been shown in a small number of studies that it facilitates the reduction of fatty tissues, there aren’t enough data to verify its effectiveness.

Another significant point is that Cutting Gel hasn’t been reviewed by the FDA yet. Apart from this, those who don’t believe in the product think that it’s the rigorous exercise, which go along with the product that’s creating the outcome.

The Strength

Frankly speaking, it is a challenge to talk about the product decently. Its assertions of product efficiency are way over the top and even its technique to obtain weight loss is preposterous.  It can be bizarre why anybody would really fall for it.

The product does not contain any stimulants and thus, safe for skin use. It’s also portable so being in many places is not an issue since you can bring it wherever.

Because many people are not capacitated to handle too much Epidril on their skin, there’s a warning sign on the product telling people to avoid whole body application, which is good.

It is amazing how there are a few users who have left good feedbacks. They said Cutting Gel actually works well, particularly on the tummy. But generally speaking, Cutting Gel isn’t that worthy of any efforts.

The Weakness

While it’s important that we don’t bash products to maintain professionalism in our reviews, Cutting Gel just doesn’t have what it takes.

FTC is doing a crackdown on NutraSport, Cutting Gel’s maker, due to the fact that the company is extending unproven product claims on weight loss and muscle definition.

Though the creation of Epidril came to an end originally when NutraSport selected to discontinue, it was brought to life once again by Novex Biotech in 2009 when the latter acquired the product’s rights and resumed its production. However, it is still unclear if Cutting Gel is harmless for everyday use and if it really generates credible results.

The Cost

In the present, it can be purchased from its official site at $70 for a bottle, which many think is not fairly priced at all; especially considering it doesn’t have any fat-burning and metabolism-boosting components. Plus, it doesn’t repress appetite and it doesn’t help in muscle building.

Wrapping Up

Weight loss supplement

Cutting Gel is a good selection that is if you’re looking for a substitute for Cellulean. It can be assumed that the ingredients in this product can facilitate weight loss. However, none of these ingredients have been verified for its potency yet.

Furthermore, we don’t feel at ease when proposing products that have a history of being terminated, even if that was only temporary, especially products which follows an uncommon approach.



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