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Conversation: The Theory of why Men are Different to Women.

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Conversation: The Theory of why Men are Different to Women.

Have you ever wondered what makes a woman tick? You greet each other when you arrive home, and all you have to ask her is how her day went, and she tells you the whole damn story! Right from the moment she woke up, to what she had for lunch and every event right up to the very moment you ended up here.

By the time she has caught her breath and asked how your day went you are exhausted from listening, have semi switched off and are half way into doing something else.

“Great. My day was great.” Simple!

Now you may just think this is a bunch of codswallop, or you may agree! But there is a theoretical explanation as to why we give one-word answers, and the woman will just blab on and on and on.

The history of women

It may sound like an excuse, but at least it is one way of understanding the difference between us! And acknowledging what our women have to say is crucial to keeping her happy.

Here is one way to look at the scenario in order to make sense of why we are, the way we are!

A world without technology

Conversation: The Theory of why Men are Different to Women.

If we try to consider back in the days before technology: GPS, Satellite Navigation Systems, telephones and emails – it is easy to see how simple life must have been!

How did anyone know where anyone was? Did people just guess and hope? What did they do apart from relying on birds to send a note or a message in a bottle to wash up?

They talked to one another – in person – a lot. (Well, at least the women did, anyway!)

Women were relied upon solely for their information within a conversation. They had to pass on their knowledge by word of mouth, and they often went berry picking out in the meadows with friends and their children. Talking was a big part of their lives.

How this affects us today

It is in their blood to approach a conversation with all the information, for generations this has been passed down, and women effectively appear to talk the most. Although times are changing – you cannot deny the past.

Because they didn’t have the means of technology back in those days, they simply had to tell each other exactly where to find the berries and at what exact time is best to go and grab them.

A history of men

Men, on the other hand, were extremely different. Their role of being the hunter and protector meant that they had to observe as opposed to blurting out information. They needed to be patient and still. How would any hunter ever catch anything if he gave his game away?

Passed down for generations

Why would the man need to pass off so much information if the woman already does so? Is it necessary for everything to be repeated twice? Why can’t we just stick to our job and let them stick to theirs? This is logical, right?

And here is another thing. The woman presents every last detail of anything during a conversation – while the man has to find logic out of it. Out of all the ‘ins and outs’ (if we were listening), we would locate the meaning of the conversation and simplify it into a short sentence. Meaning that if we were asked how our day went – we would respond solely with “Great. Thanks.” On the other hand, the woman would proceed to tell the story of her entire day.

How to cope, when a woman ‘blabs.’

Conversation: The Theory of why Men are Different to Women.

It really is quite simple. We as men need to understand that the woman is the sensitive and feminine energy. When she gets excited about something, remain patient and let her say everything she might need to say. Watch her being passionate – this is the whole reason you guys got together in the first place right? She is showing you the girl you fell in love with. Appreciate that.

At the end of her display, directly respond gently with “That is wonderful honey, is there perhaps something you would like me to remember about what you just said?” And she will respect this response, and you will understand the whole point of the conversation without annoying her.

Keeping up energy

Because we lack in words, sometimes it appears that we also lack in enthusiasm. Maybe we are getting old and just don’t find the energy to keep up with the things that are important to our wives anymore.

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