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Common Symptoms and Treatment Plans of Steroid Abuse

by Healthy Mens Info Staff

For some people it can be challenging to build muscle mass, however recently people have found a loophole to build muscle mass quickly and effectively. Steroids have been known to build muscle mass in teenagers and adults, although consuming an unhealthy amount of steroids is not good for the body. In fact, in my many sports and competitions the use steroids are looked as a cheating mechanism, and in most cases, the person who used steroids are not allowed to compete. But what are the side effects of steroid abuse and are there any treatments?

Here are the typical symptoms and common treatment plans for steroid abuse:

What is steroid abuse?  

Steroid abuse is most commonly defined as illegally consuming anabolic steroids either orally or by injection for the purpose of increasing muscle mass. Anabolic steroids expand the body’s muscle mass by manipulating the body’s hormonal system, and therefore, generating an excess of testosterone throughout the body. The amount of testosterone in a person’s body is what causes side effects. Some initial warning signs include fast weight gain, abnormal mood swings, and an aggressive attitude. Although, the most common warning sign presented by both men and women is acne. However, if steroid abuse continues then the amount of testosterone will rapidly increase, giving way to bodily changes for both men and women.

Men with a large quality of steroids in their body are likely to experience atrophy or a reduction in the size of the testicles, decline in sperm production, and even baldness. It’s expected for women to experience an increase in bodily hair production, adjustments in the menstrual cycle and a deeper voice if there is a sizable amount of steroids present in the body. Overtime as your body modifies to the excess testosterone you may see exaggerated symptoms which can sometimes lead to death. Therefore, steroid abuse is a severe addiction that should be handled correctly with professional doctors and counselors.

Are steroids always unacceptable?

Common Symptoms and Treatment Plans of Steroid AbuseMost often steroids are looked as bad or even dangerous to one’s health; however, that’s not always the case. In fact, there are two types of steroids: anabolic steroids and corticosteroids. Corticosteroids are used in a lot of prescription medications and have anti-inflammatory benefits. These steroids are known to help a lot of people who have muscle aches and pains, and therefore, not all steroids are unacceptable to use. Many doctors prescribe corticosteroids for patients who are middle age or older in age for their backaches, torn muscles, and hurt joints. It’s important to remember what steroids you use and how you use them has an effect not only on your body but also on your future.

What types of non-medical treatment can be used? 

Most people don’t realize the emotional causes of steroid abuse. In fact, nearly all people who take steroids use the body enhancing drug to mask their emotional insecurities. Some people lack confidence or believe they should look different, however using steroids doesn’t help improve a person’s self-confidence. Using steroids will only make a person addicted to a substance that is incredibly harmful to a person’s bodily functions. However, by talking to a person, they can come to understand and accept that steroids are dangerous for their body.

Talk therapy is an awesome way to release insecurities and reflect on why a person has those insecurities. Additionally, a person who attends a talk therapy session will learn valuable techniques and strategies to help cope with any future insecurities or imperfections. Going to therapy and talking or simply talking to a friend will help release pent-up emotions and decrease the chance of steroid abuse. It’s important to let out your self-doubt and let in some positive messages. It’s suggested that you write your feelings in a journal or post positive messages around your room if you feel the necessity to use steroids. But always remember, your uniqueness and individualism are what make you so special. If you have used steroids previously, it might be beneficial to you to see a therapist or talk to a friend about your need to use steroids.

What are some medical treatment plans?  

Common Symptoms and Treatment Plans of Steroid AbuseWhile it’s largely publicized about athletes and competitors using steroids the news never discloses what happens after an athlete takes steroids. If you need to know about the medical treatment plans of steroid abuse, then you need to look no further. In fact, there are two most common ways to treat steroid abuse. The first involves treating the symptoms of steroid abuse. Some symptoms can be treated depending on the length of time steroids were used and how much steroids were used. However, some people who used steroids to build muscle mass have to be observed by health-care professionals because their symptoms have become permanent.

The second way to treat steroid abuse is to manage both the emotional causes and the symptoms together. Combining psychological and physical treatments allow the body and the mind to be healed simultaneously. In fact, some people like combining treatments since it allows patients to understand to what extent steroids are damaging their bodies. Whether it’s one-on-one therapy or group therapy a patient can reflect on their actions and see what needs to change for them to not end up in a situation like that again. Therefore, medical treatments not only work to heal the body, but they try to recover the mind as well.

Using anabolic steroids can have a destructive effect not only on your bodily functions but also on your future in a given sport. Anabolic steroids have a length list of initial symptoms and long-term symptoms. Most people who use anabolic steroids experience acne and fast weight gain initially, however, as testosterone levels increase the symptoms become more exaggerated for both men and women. Men are likely to experience a decline in sperm production while women will have a deeper voice. While it’s true, there are treatments for steroid abuse some of the symptoms may be permanent, and therefore, you may be stuck with them for the rest of your life. If you use or have taken steroids in the past, many organizations and doctors will help you today.

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