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Clever and Creative Ways to Get a Girl’s Number

by healthymensinfo
Clever and Creative Ways to Get a Girl's Number

Getting a number feels pretty damn good. It’s the thrill of the chase that does it and the number is like the prize at the end. Girls usually don’t have a problem giving you their number. Yes, sometimes it will be fake, which totally sucks, but sometimes it’s real! Hallelujah! Here are some fun ways to get her number and make her feel safe giving it to you.

  • Exchange info

If you find yourself talking to a girl you like, but you don’t know her well at all, “exchanging info” is a nice, casual way to go about getting the number. If you literally say “can I get your number?” she’s more likely to say no because of the weight that phrase holds. It’s in movies, TV shows (remember that famous sketch on MadTV?). By saying “let’s exchange info”. It’s kind of hard to say no to that. It’s just so neutral. It’s not hinting at anything

  • Get her to ask for yours

This one seems tricky, but it’s not as hard as you think. The key to this one is to literally not care at ALL if you ever see her again. You can’t just act like this, it needs to be a truth, deep down in the core of your being. She will pick up on that and will want to make sure you have her number. You are giving off a vibe of “I don’t need you” and this makes her chase you. You can also push it even farther and say your number out loud and make her memorize it. She will be going absolutely nuts over you, trust me.

  • Pass her a note

This only really works if she’s busy at work and you don’t want to interrupt her. If you try this in a social setting, you may come off as a strange nerd who is also a mute. If she’s “busy”, it’s actually more likely she will say no if you ask for her number. She also might get in trouble by her boss for “socializing on the job”. Slipping her a note is clean and seamless. Write a compliment like “you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen” or “You are adorable”, your first name and your number. Yes, she might ignore it, especially if she’s emotionally attached to someone already. Chances are she will send you a text with a “thank you”. Love notes are very “fairytale”. She probably hasn’t gotten one since the fourth grade.

  • You should give me your number

Instead of asking “can I have your number “, say “you should give me your number “. This makes you seem in charge and deserving of it. She might respond with “why?” and a giggle, which you can then respond with “You’re too cute. I need to see you again” or just ignore the “why” and give her your phone to punch the number in.

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