Civant Meladerm Lightening Whitening Cream Review: Is it a hoax?

Civant Meladerm Lightening Whitening Cream Investigation

Civant has a skin care formula called Meladerm Lightening Whitening Cream and they claim it is an answer to aging skin which has begun to develop discolorations. They say that it nourishes skin deeply and quenches it to renew dull cells.

It is said to decreases the visibility of dark marks and blemish scars. It is supposed to target and remove dead skin cells allowing healthy, glowing skin to rise to the surface. They claim that it even powerful enough to offer treatment to patients diagnosed with severe hyperpigmentation.

Civant advertises its Meladerm Lightening Whitening Cream as created to rehydrate parched cells and erase age spots leaving only bright, beautiful skin. Look below for the facts about these ingredients.

Civant Meladerm Lightening Whitening Cream Properties and Actions

Civant Meladerm Lightening Whitening Cream Properties

Uva-Ursi, sometime called Bearberry, offers a substance known as alpha-arbutin which is broken down by skin cells to synthesize a form of hydroquinone which is natural. This chemical is often used as a skin bleaching agent. The synthetic form of hydroquinone is frequently used to erase signs of hyperpigmentation.

The mulberry bush provides phenyflavones which may be used to detoxify the skin; revitalize cells; and cleanse deep down in pores. These properties are said to offer skin tone smoothing; blemish battling; and rehydrating actions.

Licorice provides compounds which trigger anti-inflammatory actions, destroy bacteria that causes acne, and inhibit melanin formation through reducing tyrosinase activity.

Vitamin E is a traditional skin care ingredient around the world. It shields the skin from hydration loss while deeply moisturizing it. This anti-oxidant filled vitamin provides tons of free radical destroyers which protect skin cells and prevent oxidative stress from environmental influences such as the sun.

Vitamin C offers asorbic acid which exfoliate the skin naturally and has been used to repair skin which is photo damaged.

Civant Meladerm Lightening Whitening Cream Instructions

Civant tells users to smooth this formula onto the face morning and night. There should be a 10-minute wait between it and the application of an emollient.

Civant Meladerm Lightening Whitening Cream Assets and Deficits

Dull skin cells

Civant Meladerm Lightening Whitening Cream Assets

Most reviews for the White Glow line are positive.

Every component in this formula has been scientifically investigated.

This formula is made without steroids, parabens, hydroquinone, or mercury.

Civant provides 30 days for refunds.

Civant will accept products that have been used for refunds.

Civant Meladerm Lightening Whitening Cream Deficits

There is no scientific data for the post market product.

Amazon does not seem to keep it in stock.

The refund policy is only valid for one month.

It is also only good for new customers.

This is an expensive brand.

Civant Meladerm Lightening Whitening Cream Storefront

The Civant website and several other skin care sites carry this brand at $79.99 for a bottle with 3.4 ounces and $49.99 for 1.7 ounces.

Civant Meladerm Lightening Whitening Cream Last Vote

This brand is not a wise purchase choice as nearly 20% of users saw no effects. There are cheaper, but effective brands in the marketplace.