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Nature’s Food All-In-One Meal Review – Is it Worth it? 

Remember that movie called Soylent Green? Where the people would eat their meals in the form of shakes every day? It contained all of their necessary vitamins, minerals, protein, ect,…

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GNC Total Lean CLA Review – Does it Work?

GNC Total Lean CLA Review – Does it Work? 

When you’re looking to lose a considerable amount of weight, sometimes just eating healthy and exercising a lot isn’t enough. It’s always a smart idea to work out and eat…

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GNC Arginmax Review – Does it Work?

GNC Arginmax Review – Does it Work? 

As you age, your sexual health begins to plummet. Some men experience more severe symptoms than others, but almost all men see decreases in sex-drive, erection hardness and quality, and…

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Blast Reviews

Blast XL

Grade: F (Severe Risk) Blast XL is a natural male enhancement product that promises to increase libido and testosterone levels. We were excited to begin testing Blast XL. Could this…

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Actra Reviews

Actra RX

Grade: F (High Risk) Actra Rx is a questionable male enhancement product. It’s rumored to secretly contain a drug banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) called sildenafil….

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Zytenz 2 Reviews


Grade: F (Severe Risk) Zytenz claims to flush away performance anxiety, make you feel confident again, and give you longer, more intense sex than you would have without this product….

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Xantho 5X Reviews

Xantho 5X

Male enhancement pills come in a few different categories. There are pills that help you get an erection. There are pills (and creams) that prevent you from ejaculating prematurely. And…

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Xantrin Reviews


Grade: D (Moderate Risk) Xantrin is a male enhancement cream that claims to increase serotonin levels and libido. Our study focused on both the effectiveness of Xantrin and the benefit…

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Wydenz Reviews


Grade: C (Moderate Risk) Wydenz is a natural male enhancement product that promises to increase both penis length and circumference. Our study on Wyden focused on answering three questions about…

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Vir Max Reviews


Grade: D- Virmax claims to be a clinically developed, once-a-day formula for men designed to be an effective and efficient male enhancement product. Unfortunately, after thousands of reports of ineffectiveness…

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