Urethritis is unhealthy

What Men Need To Know About Urethritis

            If you’re having problems with urethral discharge and painful urination, you may be afflicted with urethritis, a condition that can adversely affect your fertility if left untreated. If you…

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Laptop With Heart

How To Make Your Online Dating Profile Stand Out

Do you have an online dating profile? How often do you get matches? Probably a better question is, do you even get matches? Why does it seem like your friend…

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Male not satisfied with what he see

6 Traits That Are Surprisingly Common In Young Impotent Men

Erectile dysfunction has a higher prevalence in elderly men, but that doesn’t mean that young men are immune to it. In fact, there are many young men who aren’t even…

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Male Fantasized Women

You Could Be Hypersexual If You’re Addicted to Sex

            Do you find it hard to stop engaging in sexual behaviors even when you know there may be negative consequences? Men who are hypersexual often find it difficult to…

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Healthy couples exercising


The basic meaning of tantric sex is “the weaving and expansion of energy”. It is a Hindu technique that has been used for 5,000 years to bring people together so…

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Couple Standing Together

The Best Way to Break Up With Someone Respectfully

There’s a reason why people are scared to break up with someone – it’s extremely difficult. Not to mention it’s hard to do. And what’s worse is that it doesn’t…

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Can A Man Be Sexually Active After 65

5 Things That Affect Sex After 65

Sex is still possible and even pleasurable after 65. In fact, sex and intimacy play a huge role in how seniors maintain a high quality of life and a healthy…

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When Sex Makes You Feel Sad

Sex is supposed to make you feel all sorts of positive emotions. So if you see your partner going through post-sex blues, you know how uncomfortable and frustrating that can…

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9 Impressive Health Benefits of Tribulus Terrestris

If you’re hesitant about using Tribulus terrestris to enhance your sexual prowess, there’s actually no need to worry. Since ancient times, practitioners of traditional Indian and Chinese medicines have been…

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Everything You Need to Know About Eggs & Sperm

The title of this article is not referring to the eggs that are produced in a woman’s ovaries. The title of this article is referring to the eggs that are…

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