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How to Approach a Girl Who’s Walking Down the Street Without Being a Creep

It can be incredibly scary to approach a girl on the street especially in the middle of the day. People will stare. It’s like you’re suddenly on stage being judged…

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Weird Things that Turn Women On

80% of arousal in women comes from the mind. What you say and do to her can have a huge effect on the whole process. Women think dirty thoughts just…

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Text Game: 3 Tips to get to the First Date

We all know about the three day rule. Don’t call a girl until three days have passed or else you will seem desperate. That was before we all had smart…

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Signs She’s Crushing on You and Only You

Women can be hard to read. Is she just being nice? Is she flirting with me? Is she available? It’s not always easy to tell. The thing is, women flirt…

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Shower Sex Demystified

Shower sex is fun. Everything is more slippery, there’s suds and soap and you can see every inch of her. Here are the things you need to know before getting…

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Pimp your Profile

Dating online is hard. It’s not only time consuming, but it also can be soul crushing. You’re messaging all these girls, reading their profiles and making references to their favorite…

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Online Dating Faux Pas

Dating online is the norm; so much so, it’s more surprising when you hear your friend met his latest girl IRL or “in real life”. You may think that you…

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Never Get Razor Burn Again

Razor burn is the worst. It’s red, and itchy and just plain old unsightly. Some people are more prone to razor burn than others. If you have thick and curly…

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How to Stick to Your Fitness Routine

Finding the time to workout can be difficult. Especially if you have a busy schedule. Sometimes you just don’t feel like it and would rather sit in your jamjams and…

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How to Give Her the Most Intense Orgasm of Her Life

When she comes hard, you know right away. She pulls the covers over herself, breathes a deep sigh of relief and seems incredibly relaxed and pleased. How do you give…

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