man holds aching abdomen

10 Worst Foods for Your Stomach

More often than not, the stomach pains and discomfort that have been constantly tormenting you are actually a result of your food choices. You may not notice it or you’ve…

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head model with positive or plus sign

How to Train Your Brain to be Positive

We can either be positive or negative and while we initially thought how we see life has something to do with our point of view, it actually has also something…

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group of hikers trekking in the sunshine

How Sunlight Improves Your Health

There’s always been the question whether sun exposure is good or bad for people’s health. Despite the potential health benefits of sunlight, more and more people avoid it for fear…

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7 Ways Your Face Signals Health Issues

Everybody wants a flawless face. Waking up to acne tarnishing your smooth face is definitely not something you’d want to experience for a long time. Certainly, it’s not something you…

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8 Herbs for Treating Inflammation

Generally, herbs are great for the body and overall health. This is primarily because many of them contain antioxidant properties. They also have remarkable anti-inflammatory functions, such as hemp. And…

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A Review of Gabatrol

About Gabatrol Gabatrol is a nutritional supplement that claims to contain natural ingredients to help consumers lessen stress and anxiety, as well as boost a sense of comfort and quality…

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How Poor Posture Affects Your Health

At some point we’ve been reprimanded by our parents or teachers about having poor posture. We’ve heard about its importance, though we don’t really care to know why, until we…

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The Most Nutritionally Dense Foods Available-What Foods to Eat for Optimal Health

Nutrient dense foods are the most healthy foods we can eat for one simple reason: they contain the most nutrients at a very low caloric cost. This means that we…

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Potential Problems When It Comes to DNA Testing

DNA Tests Don’t Consider Environmental Factors This is a major issue with many DNA tests as they only look at the genetic markers themselves and don’t consider the environmental impact…

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How to Prevail Over a Bad Night’s Sleep

In this day and age we always find an excuse to prolong our wakefulness at night. This could be a “just one more drink”, “just one more episode”, “just one…

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