man screaming and stressed in workplace

3 Detrimental Effects Of An Unhealthy Work Environment

          In 2017, the World Health Day theme centered around mental health in the workplace. The choice of the theme may have been prompted by the results of a recent…

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hand with thumbs up coming out of jean crotch

4 Neurotransmitters Affecting Male Refractory Period

It’s amazing how far studies on human sexuality have come. Just decades ago, it would have been taboo for women, and sometimes even men, to talk about sex publicly. Now,…

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woman controlling man on strings like a puppeteer

5 Ways Your Woman’s Secretly Controlling You

Controlling me? Nah, that’s not happening. Uh, yeah it is. She’s got ninja controlling moves that you don’t even see. You’re blind to it and she knows it. Now, this…

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man holding paw of his dog best friend

5 Ways Your Dog Saves Your Life

Dogs are known for their loving, caring nature. Whether it’s their wagging tail or four legs running beside you, they have been your best friend for about 15,000 years. Dogs…

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5 Things You Should Know About Anxiety

It’s easy to get stressed these days. There are school deadlines, work presentations, credit card bills, conflict with your significant other, and traffic… the list goes on. The fast-paced world…

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5 Things You Can Do To Get Over a Bad Day

You wake up in the morning and you find out that you’ve run out of coffee. You go to the bathroom and you can’t find the toothpaste. The traffic is…

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10 Worst Foods for Your Stomach

More often than not, the stomach pains and discomfort that have been constantly tormenting you are actually a result of your food choices. You may not notice it or you’ve…

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How to Train Your Brain to be Positive

We can either be positive or negative and while we initially thought how we see life has something to do with our point of view, it actually has also something…

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How Sunlight Improves Your Health

There’s always been the question whether sun exposure is good or bad for people’s health. Despite the potential health benefits of sunlight, more and more people avoid it for fear…

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7 Ways Your Face Signals Health Issues

Everybody wants a flawless face. Waking up to acne tarnishing your smooth face is definitely not something you’d want to experience for a long time. Certainly, it’s not something you…

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