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California Exotic Novelties UP! – All you need to know about UP

by healthymensinfo
California Exotic Novelties UP! – All you need to know about UPCalifornia Exotic Novelties UP! – All you need to know about UPCalifornia Exotic Novelties UP! – All you need to know about UP

California Exotic Novelties UP Men’s Delaying Gel Review

At HealthyMensInfo, we are always interested to hear what our readers want us to review, and we’ve been getting a lot of queries lately about non-pill male enhancement products like creams, pumps, and gels. Truth be told, the market for these products are just as robust as male enhancement supplements, and whether or not they are effective remains to be seen.

In this review, we’ll talk about California Exotic Novelties UP! – Keep It Up Men’s Delaying Gel. As the name implies, the product helps men delay an orgasm by desensitizing your penis. If the product works, it can be a wonder product for those who regularly suffer from premature ejaculation.

California Exotic Novelties is a company known for manufacturing unique products that no other manufacturer would sell. They made a fortune by selling vibrators, dildos, creams, and a bunch of other sex toys that mainstream manufacturers could not manufacture. California Exotic Novelties has two versions for UP – one for men (the one we are reviewing) and another for women, which supposedly tightens the vagina. Either way, if any of these products work as intended, it can be the wonder product that we’ve all been waiting for.


The main idea for up is its desensitizing effect that supposedly delays an orgasm. The nerve endings on your penis become extra-sensitive during arousal, and it only takes the right combination of sexual stimulation to trigger an orgasm. By making your penis numb, you can gain control over your orgasm and decide when you want to experience an orgasm.

However, some might ask – why would you want to make your penis numb? I also asked myself the same question. Is it worth to delay gratification because you get too excited? More importantly, what’s the point of having sex and delaying gratification if you can’t feel your penis? The product may not make sense for a lot of people. Sex is supposed to be sensual, not desensitized. If anything, you should be putting products that would intensify pleasure, and not delay it.

This product reminded me of a fantastic male enhancement supplement that does not prevent you from having an orgasm. On the contrary, it actually encourages you to have an orgasm by allowing you to have more orgasms through a shortened refractory period. Marathon Man Maca 1000 contains Maca Root which balances your hormones to allow you to experience more orgasms in a sexual activity. Being able to experience more orgasms takes the worry out of premature ejaculation simply because you can just “reload” just as fast.


  • Propylene Glycol
  • Benzocaine (2%)
  • Euterpe Oleracea Fruit Extract
  • Carbomer
  • Triethanolamine


Male enhancement isn’t supposed to make you dull your sexual experience. If anything, sex should be a lot better, and sex cannot be a lot better if you can’t feel your penis. Benzocaine is the same ingredient used in pain-killing creams, and using the same stuff on your penis can make you regret ever doing so. If your idea of having sex is making your penis as stiff and numb as a dildo, then you’re doing something wrong.

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