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BikiniBOD A Vegan Weight Loss Supplement Review

by healthymensinfo
BikiniBOD A Vegan Weight Loss Supplement Review

While many supplements for weight loss may be effective, they might not always be cruelty-free. The vegetarian and vegan population is an ever expanding demographic. As consumers become more and more conscious and informed over time, they want the most sustainable and cruelty free products they can get. There is no need for animal suffering when it comes to weight loss. Gelatin capsules are becoming an antiquated thing of the past with products like BikiniBOD.

About the product claims:

Everyone product has to advertise certain promises about how much weight you will lose if you buy your product. They have no reason to be modest in their claims because they need to sell their product against the competition.

Here are some of the things that the company claims BikiniBOD can do for you:

Bitter Orange

Burn fat

Boost metabolism

Give you radiant hair, skin, and nails

Prevent new fat cells from forming

Bring your belly bloat down

Curb cravings

Keep you feeling satisfied throug out the day

How to Dose BikiniBOD The Ultimate Beauty Body Formula

All different weight loss supplements have different dosing instructions. BikiniBOD is no different. The instructions on the packaging dictate that users take one pill 15-30 minutes right before the first meal of the day. Then if you would like you should take one 5-6 hours later in the day after you have eaten lunch.

What Ingredients make BikiniBOD an effective weight loss supplement?

BikiniBOD Ingredients

Bitter orange extract, garcinia cambogia, yohimbe bark extract, uva ursi, raspberry ketone, biotin, caffeine, superfruit extract, green coffee bean extract, &green tea.

BikiniBOD does NOT list all of its ingredients, they only assert the it is an 100% vegan product. While there is no evidence or studies to support that the product is scientifically effective, the company asserts that they have really high standards for GMP in their labs and manufacturing sites. They also use the words all-natural, which everyone does. What are the other fillers in this product? One might never know.

As for the products they do list we have seen most of them before and know that they are scientifically proven to help with weight loss. What we do not know is whether these ingredients are effective when blended together or not. We know nothing of how they interact. Though some studies on webMD suggest that bitter orange when combined with caffeine can be dangerous for those with existing heart conditions.

Should you buy this product?

When you do have dietary restrictions as a vegan it is easy to get hoodwinked into buying any product that is cruelty free. The good news is that the shipping is free for this product and there is a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your results. Take a chance and try BikiniBOD today, the weight loss supplement for women by women.

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