While sex can be enjoyed anytime, as you know, you might be surprised that certain times actually are better than others. Sex is a great stress-reducer and you could maximize its benefits by adding some more during these times of the day.


There is much research around that shows sex has the ability to calm the nerves, reduce stress, and decrease blood pressure. One study showed that those who had sex before a large presentation were less stressed than everyone else.


Testosterone and energy levels are very high in the morning. Sex can raise oxytocin levels which increase the bond between you and your partner throughout the day. Not to mention, the mood-boosting benefits that come with increases in endorphins due to sex. So, before you get coffee or have breakfast you can be setting your day up for success.


Having sex while sick doesn’t make sense, but it has been shown to boost the immune system. When you are running a fever might not be the best time, but in preparation for the flu season might be perfect.


After ensuring birth control is fully taken care of if you aren’t looking for children, having sex on the 14th day of your woman’s cycle is excellent because this is when ovulation occurs, according to a study. Not only will her clitoris grow 20 percent larger and become engorged with blood easier, but reaching orgasm will be much easier. Ovulation times vary, but for many women, it’s around the 14th.


Working out gives you that amazing glow when you’re done due to a spike in endorphins, though perhaps not so strong as the after-sex glow. It also provides an increase in sexual functioning, blood flow to your genitals, and more testosterone. Higher levels of testosterone can increase your ability to achieve an erection, boost your mood far longer than that glow, and increase libido.


After a tough day at the job, sex could provide a lot more benefits than a couple of beers. Physical affection, including holding hands, can improve your mood and lower stress for days afterward. That tension and frustration can lead to passionate, enthusiastic, and super hot sex that you and your partner will enjoy. Yes, that’s right, angry sex can be amazingly hot as long as you aren’t angry with your partner. If that’s the case, it’ll be quite unpleasant for you both.


Right after an adrenaline-pumping experience like zip lining, watching a scary movie, or giving a speech you’d been very anxious about, your body is very aroused and stimulation leads to a much higher response. A study found in the Archives of Sexual Behavior showed that desire and attraction are revved up after an experiencing that boosts adrenaline.

Now, that we’ve looked at the best times in terms of your emotional state, let’s look at the best time of day for sex.

There are tons of times you can have sex. At night, afternoon, and after a  2.a.m. call. A study showed that most 18- to 51- year olds had sex between 11 pm and 1 am. This is a terrible time because energy is low due to rising melatonin. Not to mention, testosterone is low. According to the research of 1,000 people, the time that’ll give you the maximum benefit is 7:30 am. Now, if that time seems, as they say, “God-awful” you can still get the benefits as long as you have sex within 45 minutes of waking up. After rest, our bodies are at their highest energy levels and our endorphins are on full blast. Even the slightest touch could tingle all over.


Overall, as a species, humans aren’t wired to be that fertile. Oftentimes, getting a woman pregnant can be a big game of chance. While you may create sperm continuously, she produces just one egg every month or so. So, that’s a very small window of time to get her pregnant.

happy couple in bed under the coversEven if two eggs, in the case of twins, are produced, these are released within 24 hours of each other. So, you don’t have days or weeks to capitalize on a potential second child.

Fact: After the egg is released during her ovulation time, it only lives for 12 – 24 hours. If it isn’t fertilized by your little swimmers, the egg will die and be reabsorbed. No other egg will be released until her next menstrual cycle, next month.

But, while the woman’s fertility is limited, women and men were still made to complement each other. Your sperm can live for five days within her body under the right conditions, and the women’s body is nothing if not the optimal conditions for your little guys. Not only is her body an excellent cocoon for your sperm, but it becomes this perfect spot days before her ovulation, giving you and her the highest chance of getting pregnant.

Her “fertile window” lasts for six days — five of which make up the time when her environment is perfectly synced to store your sperm. Though, in real life, this window is often just 2 -3 days. Ovulation is very tricky. Her ovulation time may change each month, so you have to be diligent. You have no time to waste if pregnancy is your goal.

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of fertility, what is the best time to capitalize on her cherished “fertile window”?

It depends. Because the best time can be variable, you and she will want to chart her fertility. This is a variable number and you and she will need to find the most accurate range. As her peak time of fertility is often three days before ovulation, this is the best way to figure out when she is most fertile.