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Being a Bad Boy Still Lands the Best and Hottest Girls 

by healthymensinfo
Being a Bad Boy Still Lands the Best and Hottest Girls

The bad boy image has been around forever, and most people would have you believe that girls don’t really like these guys as much as the nice ones.

Yeah, the nice guys will eventually land a cute girl to settle down with, but the bad boys will get the hot girls early in life for fun and then will eventually marry a really hot girl to settle down with.

You can’t lose, and it’s way more fun.

But why does being bad mean you’ll get more chicks? Why does it always end up leaving the girl begging for more?

It’s easy:

#1 – Bad Boys are More Fun

In the girl’s eyes, the bad boy will be much more fun to hang around with than the guy who just studies all the time or sits at home.

The bad boy will go to a bar, smoke a little bit, drink a little bit, go out for a night on the town, meet up with some buddies, and then head home at 4 am on a Tuesday.

That’s not to say that he’s a loser, but he just enjoys having a good time, and girls definitely pick up on this.

If you want to emulate this, you don’t need to try that hard and don’t need to be scary and intimidating, but presenting an image of carelessness is a good start.

#2 – Bad Boys are a Social Image

As much as you won’t admit it, ladies, bad boys present an image that makes you look much better than you actually are.

With a good-looking guy that looks like he can kick anyone’s ass by your side, it makes you look much more desirable and attractive, and this is just science we’re talking about here.

Girls often grab these guys to make themselves look like a bad girl, and this will make the whole package look like one.

#3 – Sexually, Girls Think Bad Boys are More Experienced

The bad boys are all about banging broads and then moving on to the next one. Girls see this as a sign that the guy is really experienced in bed, and that he will definitely be able to please his woman.

In addition, because he has more sexual moves than a nice guy, he’ll be able to treat the girl much better, and it’s all worth it in the end.

Of course, this is all up to interpretation, and nobody knows for sure.

But we all know that that bad dudes get the hottest chicks, and this could be why.

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