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Banging 7 Girls Per Week. Is It Possible?

by healthymensinfo
Banging 7 Girls Per Week. Is It Possible?

The short is answer is yes! You can fuck 7 girls in a week, and yes, it certainly is possible.

You’re probably asking yourself “man, I can’t even fuck one girl in a week. How the hell am I ever going to get to seven girls in one week?”

Well, you can’t right now, but with my tips and tricks, you’ll be fucking more chicks than you can count with fingers and toes!

But we’re already getting ahead of ourselves here. We need to start with the basics. Let’s begin.

Start With Yourself

You need to take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself why you are not getting laid. Is it because you’re going bald? You have bad hygiene? You’re ugly? You just lack confidence? Your dick is small?

These are all possible, but only a couple of them matter to girls: how big your dick is and how your confidence is. And let me tell you: if your dick is big, your confidence will SKYROCKET!

If you use a high-end male enhancement supplement, one that is perhaps the best in the world so you know you’ll get results, you’ll get that big dick you always dreamed of. On top of that, like we just went over, your confidence will go through the roof.

If you look downstairs and see an average or small penis, that is the best place to start with yourself.

Changing your hairstyle or losing weight will only get you so far with the ladies. They want a man with a REAL penis.

Learn What You’re Doing

No girl wants to sleep with a guy who has no idea what he’s doing in the bedroom. That’s just a fact. Who wants some guy who sucks in bed to bang them? Not any girl I know. And if you do happen to bang the hottest chick you can find, you’ll never have sex with her again if she finds out how shitty you are in bed.

You need to up your sex game! But how?

Practice, practice, practice. And learn, learn, learn. You need to discover what the best moves and tricks on a woman, and then you need to practice these new moves so you can master them. Once you master them, you’ll have no trouble keeping a woman. Who knows, she might even become the one you marry or hold on to for 10+ years!

Imagine if you sucked in bed? You’d never find out.

My favorite moves and tricks on a woman are:


Most people know this move, but few can do it well. It’s also the best move for hitting her G-Spot.

Best thing to do? Grab her love handles and pound away. Most guys won’t do this out of fear of embarrassing her because she might think she’s fat, but you need to use everything you can to really get a hold of the situation.

The Tongue Tornado

This is the swirling action of your tongue on the girl’s vagina. They love this shit.

Up and down is what most guys do, but if you incorporate a swirling motion, they’ll go crazy, and they’ll never leave you alone after that if you do this well. Practice!

And Finally, Be More Social!

The problem with guys not getting laid is that they sit in their house all night and just watch TV or jack off. How is that going to help you? It’s not!

Sure, it may seem easier to plop your ass at the computer and just watch some porn, but you’re just prolonging your depressive state and prolonging the length of time you’re not getting laid.

What can you do to be more social?

Well, this takes practice, too. Try being talkative with a cashier, or possibly with a store clerk next time you hit up a supermarket. These easy conversations are great for practicing talking.

Then, you can move on to talking to women. Then, after that, you can visit bars/clubs where all the hot women flock to. But that should wait until you’re comfortable talking to women.

But that’s it! Once you master these skills and enhance your body, you’re ready to take on the universe.

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