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Are You the Women Whisperer? Do You Know What They Want?

by healthymensinfo

If you want to be more connected to women and know more about what they want, you can become a woman whisperer. You can learn what your woman wants in bed so you can satisfy her more than any other guy ever has. If you are interested in doing this, you must keep all of what you learn here in mind and take it with you. This information is not something every man will follow through with. However, if you truly want to be the woman whisperer and you want to show her how amazing you are, don’t stop reading until you reach the end of this article. After you have finished reading, don’t forget to put all of this advice into action.


preview-full-oral-sex-best-PositionsOne of the main things that you should have in your sex life with her is lust. Many women want a bit more playfulness in their sex life and you can do that by bringing lust around. Women are completely sensitive on different areas of their body. They want you to learn how to satisfy them as much as possible. When you tease them and show them that you lust after them, they are going to feel much more attractive to you and that is what you need to become a woman whisperer and the all-time man for her as well.

Erogenous Satisfaction

Another way that you can become a woman whisperer is if you use erogenous satisfaction. Your woman wants to know that you care about her pleasure more than your own. She wants to know that you are ready to give her your all and that you will bring things to the bedroom that bring her to an ultimate climax. You can do this by touching her breasts and other private areas. Show her that even the slightest touch can make her shiver with excitement. Give her the heavy heat she wants to increase her satisfaction.

Great, Slow, Satisfying Sexual Experiences

When you are trying to become the women whisperer, you also should try to give her great, slow and satisfying sexual experiences. She doesn’t want to quickly have sex and then just be done with it. Most women enjoy sex more when you take it slow and do everything you can to satisfy her. If you are going to bring your woman pleasure more often, you need to follow this advice without a second thought. Some ways to get yourself more in the mood for great, slow and satisfying sexual experiences is to cuddle her without having sex, hug her more often and slowly get both of your clothes off when having sex. Spend some time teasing her before taking articles of clothing off.

Get Into Positions She Enjoys

preview-full-Couple-in-bed-1024x576If you are with a woman you have never had sex with before, you need to learn what sexual positions she most enjoys. Once you find this out, you need to get into these positions. You can ask her about what feels good or what she likes. You can also try different positions and think about how she is reacting to them to figure out if those are great positions for her.

 Use Her G-Spot

One of the last tips that she wants from you is that you use her g-spot. Now, most men confuse this tip. Most men think that the entire focus should be on her g-spot. The truth is that if you spend too much time on her g-spot that can get annoying and it can actually make her feel less pleasurable. You should practice with how much she can handle when you are using her g-spot to please her.

With the advice mentioned here, you can become the women whisperer in no time. You can start showing your woman how much you want to pleasure her in and out of the bedroom. Most of what becoming a women whisperer is all about includes listening to her, watching her reactions, giving her what she wants and figuring out what provides her with the most pleasure. Start doing these things from here on out and you will be the man of the hour and the man of her sex life in no time.


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