Are you still smoking? Quit!

Everyone knows that smoking tobacco is bad for your health; cigarettes are even worse because they contain chemicals that can seriously damage your health.

We have all known someone who has suffered from cancer; it doesn’t matter what type. Why would we deliberately put ourselves at a higher risk of this terrible disease?

Make the decision

The only way to achieve something like saying ‘NO’ to addiction is to prepare yourself mentally. Once you have decided that quitting is something you want to do, then to moving forward from there is a direction that needs to consist of will and strife.

Focus on healthier options

If you distract your mind and occupy yourself with alternatives that will benefit your health, then the journey becomes a little more bearable.quit smoking
If you make the decision to quit smoking – then good for you! You have taken the first step to victory! Try substituting your habit for something healthier like enhancement pills and benefit in more ways than one. Supplements can help keep you energised and sexually satisfied, and then there is no room for addiction in your life!

You could start by ensuring that you have healthy snacks. Quitting smoking can affect our appetite and make us feel the need to replace what is missing via food – (this is not a problem as long as you substitute with fruits, nuts and vegetables!)

Endure some light exercise – this will be a nice way to relieve the stress and frustration of wanting something you can no longer have. You will also notice the difference in your breathing and will gradually improve shortness of breath.

Opt for male enhancements instead!

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When you feel like you need to buy a packet of cigarettes don’t waste your money – think about purchasing something worthwhile like natural supplements.

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“You make it sound easy!”

No one said kicking a habit that devours you is going to be a walk in the park.

When a person is addicted to smoking, it affects both physically and mentally. It dominates your life and shapes the way that one would go about their day.

When would you most likely smoke?

There becomes a routine to feed your cravings. Smoking invigorates sensations at speed: the need for nicotine can dramatically impact the mind and mood.

The signals from the brain send triggers which indicate that something is missing within the system to function creating the dependency upon alien substances. It is in no way easy to ignore these feelings – especially when you are so used to having this addiction as part of your life!

There are usually certain times of the day, like after a meal or when you are socialising perhaps or drinking when cravings can take effect and generate a reaction that can be difficult to overcome.

How to deal with cravings

How to deal with cravings

A lot of smokers say that the action itself of having something in their hands or mouth is the empty space they need to fill. Others relate smoking to stress and provide comfort.

It is easier if you have the support of people closest to you who can encourage you to ‘do the right thing.’ Otherwise, it is easy to give in – the mind is a powerful tool.

Just try to take a deep breath and assure yourself that the feeling will pass. Cravings do not usually last longer than ten minutes and become lesser as time passes.

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