Ah Santi Review – All you need to know about Ah Santi 

Ah Santi Male Enhancement Supplement Review

How much would you trust a product made in China? Ah Santi is a male enhancement supplement manufactured in China that claims to improve the quality of your erections while enhancing your sexual desire in just minutes. Basically, it’s the Chinese Viagra. If it was any other product, you’d probably assume that it is a cheap knockoff, but not for male enhancement supplements like Ah Santi. China is literally the birthplace of male enhancement, as they have been using herbs to improve the sexual performance of men for centuries.

There’s little to know about Ah Santi. The box and the product literature are all in Mandarin, which makes it difficult to dissect the product and know more about its core ingredients. Thankfully, our sources have made it possible for us to identify the supplement profile of Ah Santi.


Ah Santi boasts that it has a fast-acting formula. However, fast-acting formulas are more common with drugs as they are especially engineered to be absorbed quickly by the body. There are no indications that Ah Santi contains prescription drugs, and its partial supplement profile doesn’t give us anything to believe that Ah Santi can be quickly absorbed by the body.

Ah Santi contains Amino Acids, which are supposed to help improve the quality of your erections. We know that some types of amino acids can help improve blood flow, but those can be easily identified. L-Arginine and L-Citrulline are just two amino acids that are known to improve blood flow, but we are not sure if the same amino acids are included in Ah Santi.

Ah Santi also contains Calcium and Collagen. These two ingredients are important for the development of healthy skin and bones, but are not directly linked to the improvement of sexual performance. Ginseng is also added to the mix as a component to improve energy and stamina.

The most intriguing part of the formula is its “Mix of Chinese herbs”, which does not give us a hint of what else is included in the formula. For all we know, this might be the secret component that makes it all work.


Fast acting male enhancement formulas are quite hard to find. Even more difficult is finding one that is safe and effective. Ah Santi may be made from the place where male enhancement supplements began, but it surely isn’t the best male enhancement supplement out there. From what we can tell, it doesn’t have the right ingredients to be considered as a fast-acting formula, much less a male enhancement supplement.


Always look for male enhancement supplements that give you the full details of their formula. The best male enhancement supplements usually provide you with a list of all the ingredients to help you make an informed buying decision. Stay away from products that only give you a hint of what’s inside the pills. If you’re serious about improving your sexual performance, make sure to check out Formula 41 Extreme. You won’t regret it.