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Actra Reviews

Grade: F (High Risk)

Actra Rx is a questionable male enhancement product. It’s rumored to secretly contain a drug banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) called sildenafil.
Our team is generally excited and curious to begin a test of a male enhancement product. The primary focus of our tests is usually to answer questions about the benefit of the product. We focus on discovering the products that will finally allow all men the opportunity to have a varied and exciting sex life? However, we were very skeptical about testing this product. Our primary focus was centered on will this product severely damage your health instead of wondering if could increase flaccid penis size


Our test results were quite similar to the information surrounding Actra RX. In other words, Actra RX is an unsafe and misleading male enhancement product but is moderately effective in masking the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Positive results were reported only by study participants previously diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. Actra RX contains Sildenafil which is similar to an active ingredient used in Viagra. Sildenafil works by increasing the cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) levels in the corpus cavernosum which is reasonable for erections. The intended result of Sildenafil is a reduction in the time before physical arousal and erection. Actra RX sounds as though it would be an extremely effective product. However, Sildenafil is only proven to be effective in men diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. The International Journal of Impotence concluded that Sildenafil was ineffective in increasing speed of erection, sexual performance or flaccid penis length in health men. However, the International Journal of Impotence also concluded that Sildenafil slightly reduced refractory time after intercourse in healthy males
Actra RX is an effective treatment method for men with erectile dysfunction. We divided our test participants into Group A (healthy male) and Group B (diagnosed erectile dysfunction). Five out of thirty men in Group A reported a reduction in refractory time after intercourse. Fourteen of the thirty men in Group B reported increased erections.

How it Works and What’s Inside

Actra RX is advertised as a natural male enhancement product for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and increasing sexual arousal and endurance in thirty minutes or less. The manufactures of Actra RX claim their product is created from herb extracts and plant derivatives. Numerous laboratory tests showed Actra RX contained the drug Sildenafil. The FDA officially banned Actra RX in 2003.
Actra RX contains prescription level strength of Sildenafil. Chemical analyses conducted by The Journal of the American Medical Association found an average of 55 milligrams of sildenafil per capsule of Actra-Rx; the recommended dose for Viagra (sildenafil) is 50 milligrams. Viagra patients are strictly warned about potential dangerous side effects. A dangerous interaction occurs if Viagra is taken in combination with other prescription drugs containing nitrates. People buying Actra RX are not warned of the potential side effects and interactions. Viagra has been safely used for years because both patients and doctor are informed. Actra XR is dangerous because users think their taking an all-natural supplement.

The Bottom Line

Actra RX is a dangerous male enhancement product causing moderate to severe side effects. Despite the FDA ban the manufactures still claim Actra RX is an all-natural product. We were able to safely test Actra Rx as we had prior knowledge of the dangerous interactions and side effects. Yet, the majority of men taking Actra RX have a high risk of developing severe side effects. We highly recommended you never purchase or consume this product.

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