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A Review of IsaLean Shake: Is this product Genuine?

by healthymensinfo

At a Glance

If you want to shed some pounds, you would have to decrease your caloric intake on a regular basis, regular meaning daily. With this, it is also possible that in the end you do not get all the vital ingredients that your body needs as you prevent consuming calories. This is why there are many meal replacement shakes in the market. These products are intended to supply you with the sufficient vitamins and minerals and at same time limiting your calorie consumption.

As we all know, there are numerous protein shakes today and this article is a review of one of these products, IsaLean Shake, which happens to be one of the priciest protein shakes in the market, too. Thus, thinking about buying it must come from a well-thought of decision because of its expensive cost, the more reason to read this evaluation.

Product Information

A Review of IsaLean Shake: Is this product Genuine?IsaLean Shake is labeled as an absolute meal replacement product that effectively works by combining low-glycemic carbs alongside undenatured proteins and healthy fats. These can facilitate caloric reduction, which makes people shed pounds healthily.
The company behind IsaLean Shake says that this said product is from a premiurm Myo-IsaLean Complex™ that encourages loss of weight and development of lean muscles. Aside from these benefits, the aforementioned component also helps users control their desire to eat. Moreover, this meal replacement shake is available in vanilla and chocolate, both of which are costly.

What It Claims to Accomplish?

For one, it claims to accomplish helping you lose weight by reducing caloric intake, but still providing your body all the necessary nutrients to keep you healthy. This product also functions by supplying the sufficient quantity of protein and healthy fat for more developed muscles. It can even suppress your appetite by making you feel full while still having the energy to perform or function.

Who Made IsaLean?

5-ways-to-make-homemade-meal-replacement-shakes-for-weight-loss-1-950x630Isagenix created IsaLean Shake. This company is a multi-level marking company that offers its products via a system of distributors. These distributors join the affiliate program and have to establish their own downline in order to earn themselves while getting the product at a discounted price.
Basically, Isagenix has products for cleansing, skin care and nutrition.
Many individuals protest that the products by this company are somehow pricey, but it is actually because the company is structured in a way that the members earn great commissions through selling the company’s products. On the other hand, if you decide to join the program, then you can acquire IsaLean at a lesser cost.
Furthermore, this company received an A-rating from the Better Business Bureau. Though it is true that this kind of company (MLM) sometimes is deduced to being fakes, Isagenix is actually a different story since its products are mostly harmless.

Knowing the Nutritional Content

IsaLean Shake contains 24 grams of proteins and 8 grams of fiber, as well as 11 grams of sugar per serving. All in all, this amounts to 240 calories, which is a logical figure if it’s losing weight that one wants.

Understanding How IsaLean Shake Work

It works as a meal replacement protein shake, which means that you can take IsaLean instead of eating your regular meals, which surely are loaded with calories. You can take this shake for breakfast and lunch, replacing regular food, or you can keep your real lunch and take IsaLean for breakfast and dinner, it is up to you.

Is there Medical Research?

Yes there is. It is published by Kroeger and is available for viewing/reading on the web. There are some people who doubt the integrity of the study; nonetheless it is available online for those who want to read it.

How about an FDA Approval?

It is unknown whether IsaLean is FDA approved or not. There’s no available information that addresses this question. On the other hand, it is not very crucial for this product to have an FDA support since it is only a nutritional product from a multi-level marketing company.

Price & Refund

For one bottle of IsaLean which is good for 2 weeks, the cost is $52. This can change if you’re an affiliate. But on average, this only means that you spend $4 per serving of IsaLean, which is not affordable, especially when you compare the cost to other similar protein shakes in the market. Also, it might be challenging to get a refund because it is only sold through a system of affiliates. Getting your money back would depend on the distributor you got your IsaLean from.

What are the Good Things?

IsaLean’s caloric quantity is low
It allows users to have the upper hand in terms of appetite
It sustains muscular development
Gives consumers the chance to get commissions while also taking the protein shake

What are the Bad Things?

Offered devoid of assurances
More costly compared to competitors
Calorie content is higher compared to similar protein shakes

Adverse Reactions People Need to Know About

There’s no information available indicating that the use of IsaLean can trigger side effects.

Price & Where to Buy

Joining the company as one of its affiliates is one of the ways you can get the product for a much lesser price. But if you only want to give it a try, you can purchase one bottle at Amazon.com for a price of $43.81 with shipping charge included in the amount.

User Reviews

This meal replacement shake has so far garnered 84 reviews on Amazon. 46 of these reviews gave the product a 5-star rating, which is good since that’s more than half of the total reviews. Some customers were very satisfied with its performance they called it the best shake ever. The only negative comment about IsaLean is its high price.

IsaLean Shake Conclusion

It has been earlier mentioned that many people have an issue with its cost, but if that’s something that’s acceptable to you, then you definitely have to try IsaLean Shake. Besides, you have the opportunity to get back your investment by joining in their affiliate program.

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