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A Review of Calorease: How Harmless and Efficient is this Product?

by healthymensinfo

Calorease Overview

Calorease asserts to aid in the avoidance of up to 500 calories from being assimilated by the body every day with the use of its key component, FBCx. The said ingredient is said to provide the additional advantage to succeed in your weight loss journey. This weight loss supplement also touts to help dieters sustain their healthy weight “without the restrictions of a low fat diet or adding on to your exercise program”, as stated on the product site. This is achieved through making your weight loss management plan simpler and less challenging, as Calorease’s manufacturer claims.

Produced by SFI Natural Medicines USA Inc. that has headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, the company behind Calorease is not registered with Better Business Bureau. The product’s customer feedbacks online seem to be mainly great. There are a few grievances about Calorease, though, with the most typical being its ineffectiveness and side effects associated with the use of the supplement, which includes gassiness and/or bloating.

Understanding How the Product Function


This weight loss solution asserts to attach itself to the fat in the food you eat and stop up to 500 calories from being amalgamated by the body. Consequently, the fat attached is transported through the body without being absorbed. This is said to result to losing weight. This is made possible by Calorease’s principal component, the FBCx. This is actually a dietary fiber that has been revealed in some studies to attach up to nine times its own in dietary fat. Calorease is also advertised to be from natural ingredients that have gone through clinical study and is categorized as Generally Recognized As Safe or GRAS. However, only FBCx is divulged as the product’s ingredient on the official site and nothing else.

To initiate the consumption of this dietary product, take two capsules thrice each day with corresponding meals. Each meal should have 18-20 grams. For your reference, the product site has sample meal plans you can use as your model or guidelines. The product site also said visibility of results can be expected within 2-3 weeks even without modifications in one’s eating habits and fitness routine.

Furthermore, the product’s manufacturer touts that it’s safe and good for the heart and does not contain any stimulants. Thus, there are no adverse reactions as long as instructions for use are followed.

Calorease Cost & Money-Back Guarantee

This specific weight loss supplement can be bought via multiple online resellers. This includes Amazon, eVitamins, and LuckyVitamin.com, to name a few. For direct buying through its manufacturer, a package of Calorease containing 90 tablets has a price of $29.99 while the one containing 180 tablets has a price of $49.99. There’s a shipping charge of $5.99 as well.

There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee as long as bought directly from the company, less S&H fees.

Remember that on the product website, there’s a section called “Continuous Supply”. It is placed below their order form. No supplementary information is given, but from the looks of it, it appears to be a form of their autoship program. This means you’ll continuously receive their product every month to replenish your supply and your credit card will be automatically charged for this.

To ask for a refund or discuss about its autoship program, you can call the customer service at 888-884-1436. You can also send an email at [email protected].

What are the Product Features of Calorease?


This product has FBCx, which is its main component. FBCx has been revealed to attach and eradicate up to nine times its weight in dietary fat.

According to its manufacturer, Calorease can bring weight loss changes without making any diet or fitness modifications. However, you still need to ask your doctor before proceeding.

Calorease is free from any stimulants, so there should be no adverse reactions. It’s also said to be good for the heart.

Final Verdict: Is Calorease the Real Deal?

Calorease may potentially be a weight loss solution, though you should not anticipate any instant weight loss results. There also can be side effects, which include bloating and/or gassing. If you’re willing to overlook these minor effects, then Calorease is worth giving a try since it has a lot of positive customer reviews online. Hearing/reading the positive comments from actual buying customers also give the notion that somehow Calorease can bring out weight loss changes. On the other hand, it’s important to remember that proper nutrition and fitness routine are still highly helpful in any weight loss management plans. Besides, these two should be in one’s lifestyle if it’s permanent weight loss results that you’re looking for.

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