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A Product Review of Glucerna Shakes: How Harmless and Efficient is this?

by healthymensinfo

Getting to Know Glucerna Shake

Various studies and even statistics have indicated that individuals suffering from obesity face more possibility of getting Type 2 Diabetes when compared to people who have normal weight. Those who have Type 2 Diabetes are inclined to put on significant amount of weight before getting diagnosed with the disease.

In the case that you’ve been established to be suffering from this illness, it’s not the end of line for you. You still have the chance of getting better and living a good-quality kind of life by managing your health well enough. There are lots of products out there formulated to help people manage their weight and diabetes as well. One is Glucerna Shake. This dietary supplement claims to be filled with a nutritious mixture of carbohydrates and vitamins that can help avoid your blood sugar level to rise. In this article, we’ll find out more about this product and whether there is truthfulness to its claims.

Defining Glucerna Shake

preview-full-474956312_XSThis nutritional product is composed of a specialized, carbohydrate mixture that is called CARBSTEADY®. This blend is the one attributed for the product’s claimed ability in avoiding your blood sugar levels in getting to potentially distressing levels. Marketed as the ideal nutritional shake for those with diabetes, it is also endorsed by people in the healthcare and medical sector as long as it is taken suitably. Thus, people who take Glucerna Shake are necessitated to be under doctor’s direction.

Furthermore, Glucerna Shake is claimed to be filled with 27 vitamins. It is also featured as ideal for people who are lactose intolerant. What’s more is that it does not contain gluten, so more people can use it.

What the Company Says about Glucerna Shake?

The company behind the product touts that Glucerna Shake is greater compared with many other similar products in the market. According to them, this is because this product generates the tiniest rise in blood sugar levels after intake. Even within 4 hours, the blood sugar remains low.

Moreover, Glucerna Shake is marketed to be the greatest nutritional supplement out there that one can bring wherever he or she goes. It is also endorsed as ideal for people suffering from diabetes.

About the Company

The manufacturer of Glucerna Shake is the company Abbott named after its creator Dr. Wallace C. Abbott. He initiated the company as early as 1894 as it went on to grow and branched out to other cities like London. It became public in 1929.

The brand Glucerna began in 1998 and has since been endorsed by the medical community to their patients to help them deal with diabetes.

Abbott has been in the industry for over 125 years. Some of its products have secured Food and Drug Administration sanctions to be released and sold to the masses. Abbott began as a drug store but it has since developed into something bigger as it entered the nutrition industry. With its high-quality products, this venture is considered successful.

Glucerna Shake Nutritional Content

The primary components in this product can be easily absorbed and digested form of carbohydrates called CARBSTEADY. It is credited for preventing a spike in your blood sugar levels after consuming Glucerna Shake, which means that your sugar level is regulated and stable for hours.

There is also the Chromium Picolinate. This helps insulin function more efficiently. Lastly, there are the 27 various vitamins and minerals for a balanced nutrition for the body.

Understanding How Glucerna Shake Function

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The primary purpose of this product is to help people with diabetes manage their blood sugar level by ensuring that it remains stable. This is while you also get the nutritional benefits of Glucerna Shake by replacing your meal with it. There’s also the possible outcome that the amount of fat you’re storing is lesser. This means that weight loss is more likely when you use this nutritional shake.

The total calorie content of this meal replacement shake is 200 calories. When you drink this regularly, you lower your blood sugar level and you also reduce your calorie intake each day, which means that you could possibly lose weight in the long run.

What about Clinical Study/Research Performed?

On the official site, the company published a study performed in 2007. In this study, it was stated that Glucerna Shake is truly developed to generate lower blood sugar levels that is more effective compared to other dietary shakes out there. There’s only a graph shown on the site, though. No elaborate details were given.

Is this Product FDA Approved?

There’s no definite data suggesting that Glucerna Shake was sanctioned by the FDA. This is probably because Glucerna Shake is only a nutritional shake and not a form of medicinal drug, hence there’s no need for the FDA approval. Nonetheless, the company still emphasized that you need to be under your doctor’s instructions when taking Glucerna Shake.

 Glucerna Shake Refund Policies

This product is not available through its official site, though it can still be conveniently bought from a couple of retail stores. On Amazon.com, a single pack containing 24 bottles cost $37.76. On the product site, it is not indicated if there’s refund available for unsatisfied customers.

Glucerna Shake Product Features

This product aids in sustaining a stable blood sugar level.

It has essential vitamins.

Glucerna Shake is cheaper compared to similar products out there.

Glucerna Shake Adverse Reactions

Generally Glucerna Shake is harmless for human consumption, though it is not suitable for people with galactosemia.

Glucerna Shake Cost and Place to Purchase

In order to search for the closest store in your area of residence, go to the product site, which is Glucerna.com, and key in the information asked about your location. Glucerna Shake’s cost depends on where you purchase it, but on Amazon it costs $37.76 for a pack of 24 bottles.

What Users Have to Say?

Good thing for this product is that it has a lot of great feedbacks on Amazon. 93 users have given their comments and 88 of them have left a rating of no less than 4 stars, which is quite good. This means that Glucerna Shake works and is well-liked by most of its consumers.

Bottom Line

A diabetes diagnosis is the not the end of the world, especially if there are nutritional products like Glucerna Shake to help you deal with this condition. What’s more is that this product can also help you shed some pounds while ensuring that your blood sugar levels are stable. Proper nutrition and fitness plan are also crucial in order to obtain positive results.


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