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A KILLER Exercise Routine to Build MASSIVE Muscle

by healthymensinfo
A KILLER Exercise Routine to Build MASSIVE Muscle

Have you been in the gym for months and months and years and years and haven’t seen much progress, despite putting in a lot of effort?

Do you still look about the same as when you started? You’re not alone. Over 50% of men who go to the gym to build muscle are likely to see not many improvements to their physique, and this is because they aren’t training correctly.

The two culprits for not seeing any gains are:

  • A bad diet that contains little in the way of nutrition
  • A bad exercise routine that is hurting your gains

Sure, your usual routine consisting of a full-body workout is healthy for you, but you likely won’t see much density gains with that sort of thing.

Looking to pack on the muscle with a new, KILLER routine?

Below you’ll find one of the most intense, hardcore workouts that will grow your muscles like Viagra!

Step 1 – Hit Major Muscle Groups Monday and Tuesday. 

We’re talking about your back and chest. These are the two main muscle groups that you should be working out like an animal .The key to growth is right here, and you need to work them the hardest.

Here’s how Monday should look: back/biceps

– 4 sets of rack pulls
– 4 sets of lat pulldown
– 4 sets of weighted rows
– 4 sets of upright rows
– 3 sets of dumbbell curls
– 3 sets of flatbar weighted curls
– 3 preacher curls
– 3 sets rope curls

Here’s How Tuesday Should Look: chest/triceps

– 4 sets of dumbbell flat bench
– 4 sets of incline dumbbell bench
– 4 sets of dumbbell flies
– 4 sets of chest press
– 3 sets of rope extensions
– 3 sets of overhead rope extensions
– 3 sets of single rope pulldowns

Step 2 – Get Your Lower Body and Shoulders Done Next 

These next two days will focus on getting your legs in shape and your shoulders looking buff.

Here’s how legs will go down:

– 4 sets of squats
– 4 sets of leg press
– 4 sets of upward leg press
– 4 sets of leg extensions
– 4 sets of calf raises

Here’s how shoulders goes:

– 4 sets of military press
– 4 sets of dumbbell shoulder press
– 4 sets of shrugs
– 4 sets of lateral extensions

Step 3 – Cardio 

The following day can be used for cardio if need be, just to keep your heart in healthy shape. A healthy heart makes the whole system run!Without cardio, you’ll have no endurance, no stamina, and virtually no energy after a period of time.
If you’re bulking, you can probably ignore cardio, but most people want to incorporate some sort of cardio in.

With this killer exercise routine, you’ll be well on your way to building the muscle and body you really want and need!

Stop wasting time, and get RIPPED!

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