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7 Things You Shouldn’t Forget Before Going To The Gym

7 Things You Shouldn’t Forget Before Going To The Gym

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It’s such a vibe-killer when you’re amped up and ready to hit the weight room when you suddenly forget something that you’re supposed to bring with you to the gym. Training isn’t simply bringing the intensity and willpower to endure the entire workout; you’d also need some things that you simply can’t train without. Here are 7 things you shouldn’t forget before going to the gym.


Don’t you just hate it when some slimy and sweaty dude just finished off your weight rack and didn’t wipe it? Make sure that you bring towels for your sweat, and paper towels wiping down the equipment that you use. It’s not just gym policy; it’s decency and hygiene.

Water bottle

Most gyms offer water bottles, energy drinks, and electrolyte-rich drinks, so you’re pretty much on the clear if you happen to forget your water bottle. However, water sold at the gym, or near the gym, tend to cost more than the SRP – an amount you could’ve spent on the best muscle building supplements instead.

Change of clothes

Regardless if you walk your way to the gym, or you ride your car going there – bring your change of clothes to use after sweating your butt off at the gym. Forget the aesthetics of the whole thing – you wouldn’t want to smell like dried sweat on the way home.

Proper attire

How many times have we seen people wearing the wrong outfit at the gym? Ladies and gents, swimwear isn’t gym wear, so don’t wear your trunks and bikini tops to the gym. Personally, I find it more comfortable to wear compression tightsunderneath my trousers and compression sleeves on my arms., but all in all, any sportswear is fine as long as it’s not exposing too much downstairs.

Workout music

Most of us now carry music players (mostly our phones) to the gym when working out. Personally, I rely on my workout playlist to get me psyched and pumped up for the gym. I find it really difficult to get into the groove when I don’t have my playlist on. Make sure that you have your phones or players charged before going to the gym.


Let’s face it – your post-workout aroma isn’t the best smell around, so make an effort to reduce it and mask it with deodorant and/or antiperspirants. Again, it’s just proper hygiene – nothing special. Plus, you’d be able to work out better if you’re not thinking about stinking after spending 1 hour in the weight room.

Your supplements

How far would you go without the best muscle building supplements? Make sure that you don’t forget your pre, intra, and post-workout supplements. Time your supplement intake to make the most out of your supplements. For best results, take your nitric oxide boosters (NitroGenix 365) even on your off days to maximize your output at the gym.



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