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6 ways to speed up your metabolism

6 ways to speed up your metabolism

Easy ways to make your metabolism work for you

With all the buzz about weight loss, terms like metabolism, basal metabolic rate, calories, and other terms get tossed left and right. At the end of the day, all you really need to worry about is how much calories you burn, and how much calories you eat. As long as you’re maintaining a caloric deficit diet – which means that you burn more calories than what you eat, you’re guaranteed to lose weight.

Losing weight, despite being simple in its core, becomes complicated since people have different metabolic rates. You might have friends that eat more calories than you do, and yet they don’t seem to gain any weight. Metabolism is a result of different factors in your body, including your diet and daily activities. For those who would want to lose weight, being able to speed up their metabolism is the holy grail of fat burning. Here are 5 ways to help you speed up your metabolism:

Eat small portions more often rather than just several big portions

One of the oldest methods to speed up your metabolism is by eating small portions of food to curb hunger pangs instead of eating huge portions of food to reach satiety. Eating small portions of food also triggers your body to speed up your metabolism in order to digest the food and utilize the energy you get from food. The key for this method is honestly counting the calories in the food you eat to ensure that you’re still on the caloric deficit diet.

Eat foods that take longer to digest

When boosting metabolism, it’s just like playing tricks on your body. Eating foods that are harder to digest makes your body trigger a faster metabolism that lasts longer than usual. Foods that are hard to digest also makes your body use up more energy to digest your food than the energy you get from food, which helps in maintaining your caloric deficit diet.

Build muscle mass

One of the best ways to speed up your metabolism permanently is by building muscle mass. When you build muscle, your body would require more energy to maintain the function of your added muscle mass, which makes you go through your body’s fat stores faster. As a bonus, bodybuilding also burns fat in the process. It’s like hitting two birds in one stone. If you want to build muscle fast, take the best muscle building supplements like NitroGenix 365.

Drink green tea

One of the best beverages you can take to send your metabolism into overdrive is green tea. Green tea has properties that kickstart lipolysis, or the process of converting your fat stores into energy. As a bonus, green tea also helps in digestion and it is a natural diuretic. It helps cleanse your body from toxins, including fat and it helps eliminate fat before it gets absorbed into your bloodstream.

Do cardio exercises

Nothing speeds up your metabolism than cardio exercises. To help burn fat, make sure that aside from watching what you eat, you also do something to burn the calories in the food you eat. Regardless if you’re on a non-fat, low-carb, low-calorie diet, you’re still taking in calories and you’ll need cardio exercises to help burn your fat stores including calories in your diet.

Take thermogenics

The best fat burning pills contain thermogenic components to help your body eliminate fat. Supplements like LipoGenix Elite increase your core body temperature to use up more energy as you go. LipoGenix Elite also contains a good amount of caffeine, which helps by kickstarting lipolysis.

Not all of us are gifted with a naturally fast metabolism, but all of us can do something to speed up our metabolism somehow. The easiest way to burn fat with minimal physical activity is by taking the best fat burning supplements that contain thermogenics like LipoGenix Elite. As it turns out, people who make an effort to speed up their metabolism end up healthier than those who do not watch what they eat and those who do not exercise. Stay fit, burn fat, be healthy!


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