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6 Bodyweight Tricep Exercises to Say Bye Bye to Bingo Wings

As we get older, we find that our body starts to sag in unusual and unattractive places. One of the first places to go is the arm region, where our triceps start to look like too long drapes instead of toned muscle. Often referred to as ‘bye bye’ arms or ‘bingo wings’, saggy triceps are common among the aging population. So how do you prevent them or get rid of them? The key is in specific triceps exercises that look to tone that part of the arm. Here are a few triceps exercises that you can do at home.

 1. Chair dips

preview-full-bodyweight2x1notext-1478622309621_largeThis is a relatively easy exercise and only needs a regular height chair. Start with your back facing the chair. Place your hands on the edge of the chair, so that your fingers overlap the edge, facing you. Now you need to bend your legs and your arms so that you come down into a squat position. The idea is to keep your legs loose and t use your arms to lift the weight of your body up and down. You can repeat this with one arm and then the next or you can use both arms at the same time. To make this exercise slightly harder, try lifting your legs off the floor, by putting them out in front of you and resting them on a box.

 2. Waiting Push-Up

You need to start out in a plank position, with your legs out behind you, heels pointing backward, and your arms straight down in front of you. Do not lock the elbows, you need to take the strain in your arm muscles. Now lower down slowly as though lowering on to your forearms. Before you forearms hit the floor, hover just an inch or two above. You will feel the instant burn in your triceps. Hold for 10 seconds and return to the upwards position. Repeat 10 times.

 3. Diamond Push-ups

Diamond push-ups are like regular push-ups but significantly harder. Get into the regular push-up position. Now bring your hands together, so that your thumbs and first finger touch, creating a diamond shape. You need to lower yourself carefully as not to wobble to one side or the other.

 4. Plank-Up

This is a dynamic movement that uses the triceps to get from a forearm plank to a push-up. Start in the position of a forearm plank, legs extended out behind. Now push on your forearms and elbows to push yourself up on to your hands and into a push-up position. Then return to a forearm plank. Repeat this 20-30 times a day.

 5. Cobra

preview-full-005 Triceps BENCH DIPThis is a yoga position that also helps to open and stretch the chest as well as helping to build triceps strength. Lay flat on your front, with your legs extended behind. Place your hands, palms down next your lower ribs. Push upwards to push your front torso off the floor. Bend your body backward and tilt your head upward, pushing from the triceps for support. Slowly lower back down to the floor.

 6. Dolphin

This is another yoga position. Stand with your legs apart, and bend at the waist. Put your forearms on the floor and clasp your hands together. You want to swing your head from behind you hands to in front of them over and over. Repeat this around 30 times.

 You can build triceps muscle more quickly by opening the blood vessels. A supplement like NitroGenix365 will help you do this, by introducing higher levels of nitric acid to the body. A healthy diet and quitting smoking also help.


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