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5 weird reasons why you’re gaining weight

5 weird reasons why you’re gaining weight

Understand why you’re gaining weight

Do you ever feel weirded out by your sudden weight gain? Picture this – you’re doing exactly what you were doing before you started gaining weight – what’s the problem? As cruel as it is, what you eat isn’t the only thing that makes you gain weight.

Weight management is a simple balance between metabolism, nutrition, and physical activity. As long as you burn the calories that you consume, you won’t gain weight. If there was a way to effectively calculate the calories in food, it would be easy, but we all know that weight management is easier said than done. Learn the different reasons why you’re gaining weight. Here are 5 weird reasons why you’re gaining weight:

Sudden change of physical activity

Were you sick recently? The sudden change in your physical activity would drastically affect your metabolism. If you had an active lifestyle, and you suddenly had to rest in bed due to sickness, your body will try to conserve as much energy as it can to recover from your sickness. The sudden change in physical activity would store more calories in your fat cells, which may result in weight gain.


Not all weight gains are bad weight gains; some are better – muscle gains. When you work out, your muscles literally rip apart, and your body creates protein muscle fibers to act as bridges to your ripped muscle fibers. Over time, the buildup of protein muscle fibers would form to create added lean muscle mass, which would certainly affect the numbers on the scale. If you’re gaining muscle mass, don’t worry. Muscle gain is a good thing. A pound of lean muscle mass is much smaller in dimension than one pound of body fat.


When you are depressed, you are constantly and subconsciously trying to comfort yourself with things that make you happy, and what better way to be happy than with food, right? Stress eating is a common occurrence with people who are depressed. If you suspect that you’re eating due to stress or depression, try and look for foods which aren’t as fattening. Instead of eating milk chocolate, opt for dark chocolate instead. Instead of binge eating on burgers, try munching on some tofu or some salad.

Your body type

Believe it or not, your body type has so much to do with the way your body retains fat. Your body type is predetermined, and you really can’t do something to change it. Endomorphs are so easy to gain weight that many endomorphs end up overweight or fat. The reverse counterpart of endomorphs, the ectomorphs, experience difficulty in gaining weight, that they are having difficulties even with muscle gain. On the bright side, endomorphs are one of the best body types for gaining muscle mass.

You’re malnourished

It’s a myth that when you’re fat, you’re thoroughly nourished. In fact, you’re probably undernourished with a few nutrients and minerals. You need certain nutrients found in food to help you manage your weight. You can take the best fat burning pills to help you manage your weight better by taking 100% of the nutrients you need to manage your weight. Take one pill of LipoGenix Elite once a day to manage your weight.


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