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5 Ways to Rock the Dad Bod

5 Ways to Rock the Dad Bod

Are you stuck with a dad bod?
Back in the day, men with unflattering bellies were never thought to be attractive or sexy; overweight and obese men were the object of ridicule and several stereotypes we all know very well. However, times have changed and women have apparently lowered their standards on body types, and men with slightly bigger bellies are now accepted as attractive.
Whether this is a fad or something that would stick for a long time remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain – you can get away with a dad bod. If you fancy working out just whenever you feel like doing so, chances are – you have a dad bod. Get the most out of your physique and use the dad bod to your advantage. Here are 5 ways to rock the dad bod:

1. Be confident

A key component in being able to rock the dad bod is confidence. If you still feel that your body is unattractive, you would unknowingly send a message to the opposite sex that you are unattractive. Be confident. Come to terms with the idea that your body is now attractive, and make the most out of it while you can.

2. Work out at least once a week

You don’t have to religiously keep a gym schedule, and we’re cool with that. But try to at least go to the gym once a week to keep your muscles in shape. Having a dad bod doesn’t mean that you would just let go of your body; maintain a gym schedule however infrequent that may be.

3. Wear comfortable clothes

Dress for comfort. If you’re not comfy with a muscle-cut shirt, then do not wear it. A huge part of the allure of the dad bod is your commitment to your personal comfort, and that involves what you wear as well. Hawaiian prints and khaki shorts go well with the dad bod. Look for other styles that would make you comfortable and stick with it.

4. Eat healthy

Eating healthy doesn’t mean that you’re aiming to lose weight. Just stay out of the bad stuff. Processed meat, high-cholesterol food won’t do you any good. Dad bod or no dad bod. You can revel in other types of food, just not the type that would give you cancer or a heart attack.

5. Test it out

Not everyone enjoys a dad bod, so test the waters and pick out women that would enjoy your dad bod for what it is. Consider this year to be the beta test phase for the dad bod – not many are aware that you’re really going for that look, but once you see one who really appreciates your dad bod for what it is – she’s a keeper.

Appreciation for the lean, hard physique is imprinted on our DNA. Women find it irresistible. It’s still up for debate if the dad bod is here to stay, but at the very least, it’s not what women are used to liking. Get the physique you’ve always wanted. Build muscles fast and easy with Nitrogenix 365.


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