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5 Ways to Maintain your Shredded Form

Keep your chiseled body figure for a longer time!

Men who have gone through the whole process of bulking and cutting know how hard it is to maintain your shredded form. That’s why most of the bodybuilders exercise based on what they want to look at on a specific time of the year. This is also the reason why terms like summer shred and holiday bulk was coined.

Instead of just shredding for certain times of the year, you can make your summer shred last longer than just one season. Here are 5 ways to maintain your shredded form longer:

Ditch the season mindset

The most common pattern that I see with men who shred is that they only make an effort to shred for a particular season. Once the season is done, they let their diet and cardio go and just shift back to a full-on bulk. The season doesn’t have anything to do with looking shredded. If you want to look shredded for longer than a season, you would need to maintain that shred-first mentality for as long as you can.

Balance your nutrition

The key here is balance. Your body needs to be in a caloric surplus diet if you want to build muscle, and when you’re in a caloric surplus diet, you’re bound to get fat eventually. The key is balancing your diet between a caloric deficit and caloric surplus and shift it into cycles depending on what you’re focusing on. Don’t go too long on a caloric surplus or you’ll increase your body fat to a point that the shred is no longer there, and don’t go too long on a caloric deficit or you’ll lose muscle mass.

Make your lifts count

Shredders are usually on a cardio-first mode, but since you’re holding off on bulking up for as long as possible, you can pump iron just the same – and when you’re pumping iron, make sure that it counts. Lift heavy, and lift it good. Your progressive overload shouldn’t stop when you’re shredding if you want your shredded form to last longer.

Maintain cardio

Do cardio on a regular basis. Doing cardio makes you have more flexibility on your diet. Basically, the level of cardio exercises that you do gives you the ability to be on-point with what your body requires. Whether it’s slow-paced cardio like an early morning walk, or an occasional HIIT on the treadmill, maintaining some form of cardio is important if you want more options on your diet.

    1. Take the best fat burning pills

Your metabolism is your friend when you’re shredding, so it’s best to make it work for your goals. Taking the best fat burning supplements will increase your metabolism and help you burn fat faster. The best fat burners are in the form of thermogenics. Thermogenics increase your body’s core temperature to exponentially increase the amount of calories burned with any exercise that you do. Take LipoGenix Elite once a day to elevate your metabolism and burn fat easily with exercise.


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