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5 Ways to Get Ripped Fast

5 Ways to Get Ripped Fast

Having problems getting the body you want?

Getting that big, hulky physique isn’t as easy as it sounds. If it was, then everyone would have that sculpted body figure you’ve always wanted. Mostly, it’s a combination of diet, training, and the right dedication to your goals. Bodybuilders and models from the magazine make it look easy, but it never is. Getting ripped takes time, and it demands a great deal of effort and discipline. If you want to get the body you want, follow these 5 ways to get ripped fast:

Eat post-workout carbohydrates

Getting ripped means that you’re balancing muscle gains with fat loss. Many would think that eating carbs would add to your body fat – that’s true, but eating carbs post-workout would decrease the chance of turning carbs into fat. Your body gets punished during workouts, and you can replenish your lost energy by eating carbs. This is also a nice way for you to enjoy the foods you’ve shun when shedding body fat.

Eat the right amount of protein

When cutting fat from your body, your enemy is always muscle catabolism. Since cutting involves restricting your food intake, your body may not have enough protein to supply your body’s needs, and your body might get protein from another protein-rich source – your muscles. Eat enough protein to continuously build muscle while cutting fat.

Get a fixed workout schedule

Many bodybuilders tend to have erratic workout schedules, which ultimately takes a toll on their timetable. In order to get the body you want fast, better have a fixed workout schedule to let your body naturally adapt to the new lifestyle. By adapting a fixed workout schedule, you’re also training your body more than you would have if you would just work out when you want to.

Be smart with your workouts

You don’t really need to spend an hour working on your abs to get that six-pack you’ve always wanted. 20 minutes is all you need to work on your abs, and the rest can be spent doing other muscle-building exercises or cardio. Aim for total body workouts instead of focusing on just one muscle group. The more muscles you build, the faster your metabolism will be, thus making fat burning an easier task than usual. Also, be smart with your cardio exercises. You don’t need intense cardio workouts at all. Do long-duration cardio at a comfortable slow-to-medium pace, or do interval workouts combined with abdominal workouts.

Take the best muscle building supplements

The key to having the ripped body you’ve always wanted is by taking the best supplements for muscle gain like NitroGenix 365 to help you boost strength and recovery. Combine it with the best fat burning pills (LipoGenix Elite) to help you burn fat while gaining muscle mass. This supplement stack is an effective way to help you reach your goals faster without sacrificing muscle gain. Getting the body you want isn’t as difficult if you use the right tools to help you reach your goals.


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