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5 Tips for Perfect Penis Hygiene 

by healthymensinfo
5 Tips for Perfect Penis Hygiene

Ways to keep your private parts clean and fresh

When it comes to intimate hygiene, we always think about products made for females. For years, intimate washes, and other kinds of products have been created for women to keep their privates clean – but what about us men?

Men also need to pay attention to intimate care the same way women do. However, since the market isn’t as developed for male intimate care, men have to come up with our own routine to maintain our hygiene and keep our privates clean and healthy. Our private area needs some attention too, and a little TLC on our privates would greatly enhance your confidence and sexual performance. Here are 5 tips for your perfect penis hygiene:

Trim your bush

Having a thick bush in your groin area was cool back in the 70s, but not so much today. We evolve our preferences, and we have come to associate excess hair with strong body odor – which is true in the case of men. Our groin area is one of the regions in our body that secretes the most amount of sweat. The problem is, our groin area doesn’t get much ventilation. The hair down there traps the bacteria expelled from sweat, and over time – it just smells bad – really bad. Trim the hair in your private area at least twice a month to avoid having problems.

Wash your penis after sex or masturbation

One problem men have is that most of us do not realize that the exchange of bodily fluids during sex can be dirty – and by dirty, I mean dirty in not a nice way. The fluids can and will stink if you do not wash your penis after sex. You should always wash your penis after masturbating – with soap and water. Even when you have taken all the semen out, your penis would still have traces of it, which can make it stink eventually. Wash with soap and water, and dry it with a towel before putting your underwear on.

Get a fresh pair of underwear everyday

Some men just think that it doesn’t really matter if you wear a clean pair or not – some would even turn the inside out on their underwear and wear it like it’s a fresh pair. No it’s not. It’s not healthy to wear an underwear for two days in a row. In fact, it’s not healthy to wear underwear for more than 14 hours straight. Make sure that you change your underwear before you sleep, and before you go to work.

Wipe yourself off after you pee

Most men forget to wipe themselves off after they pee. The problem is, after you pee and you put it back in your pants, some of the excess urine trickles out. Make sure that you “shake it off” well after you pee, and wipe it off to make sure that it’s clean. Trickles of urine in your underwear will make your pants smell really bad at the end of the day.

That’s it for our men’s health tip for today. For more news, tips, and articles about men’s health, visit our HealthyMensInfo.com articles directory daily!

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