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5 Steps to Get Rid of Man Boobs

5 Steps to Get Rid of Man Boobs

How to get rid of man boobs once and for all

Man boobs aren’t sexy. No matter how many articles tell you that having a dad bod and man-boobs is sexy, it will never be sexy. Man boobs, or gynecomastia, is a real condition that affects men with poor diet and lifestyle choices. Instead of carrying a rock-solid chest muscles that scream manliness, man boobs give your chest area the appearance of a budding bosom like those of a little girl.

Like flabs in any area of your body, your man boobs can be eradicated with the right blend of exercises and lifestyle changes. Here are 5 steps to get rid of your man boobs:

Ditch sugary drinks

Many of us discredit the fact that many of the beverages that we love actually make us fat. From sodas, iced teas, fruit juices – even your favorite bourbon, whiskey, and beer – can all make you fat. All you really need when losing weight is water. Always drink plenty of water to spearhead your fat loss goals, and make sure that you’re never thirsty to prevent yourself from craving sugary drinks.

Do cardio exercises

Start with something simple. An early morning jog for about an hour can get you started into an active lifestyle. Eventually move up to running, or cycling – whatever rocks your boat. As long as the activity breaks a sweat and turns your heart rate up, it’s good for losing weight. Much of the stuff that makes your man boobs is fat, so make a conscious effort to burn more calories than what you eat, otherwise known as the caloric deficit diet.

Do muscle building exercises

Replace your man boobs with something better – manly chiseled chest muscles. Do muscle building exercises to increase your metabolism. Your metabolism dictates how much fat your body burns at a certain period of time, and an increased lean muscle mass helps you burn more calories. Bodybuilding exercises will give you a long-term solution to manage your weight to prevent your man boobs from re-emerging.

Play sports

A pickup hoops game with your buddies can burn a lot of calories. Not only is it fun to do, playing hoops with your buddies can also take you one step closer into reaching your fitness goals. Pick an active sport like football, basketball, hockey, or swimming. These sports burn calories as you play, and they also help you develop a strong muscle core, which helps you change your body image.

Take the best fat burning supplements

Fast track your transformation by taking the best fat burning pills on the market today. Take LipoGenix Elite to help you kick start lipolysis to let your body naturally burn fat by utilizing the energy stored in them. For best results, stack LipoGenix Elite with Garcinia X (Garcinia Cambogia) an appetite suppressant that prevents fatty buildup by allowing your body to utilize the energy before it gets converted into fat.


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