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5 Sports that Help You Lose Weight

5 Sports that Help You Lose Weight

Have fun with these fat-burning sports activities!

Getting fit doesn’t mean that you have to confine yourself to the gym to get fit. Playing athletic sports have been around for a while, and athletes have been the poster boys for fitness for the longest time. Almost every athlete in professional sports has toned muscles because of the level of competition that they play on, and that’s something that you can adapt to help you lose weight.

Playing sports is a nice way to get your body active. Losing weight isn’t about just counting your calories and using the treadmill; sports gives you a nice alternative to bridge physical activity with competition to promote weight loss. Here are 5 sports that can help you lose weight:


When you picture what an athlete looks like, it’s the image of basketball players. Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kevin Durant – these athletes have the body types that all men would want to have.  You don’t need to join a league to motivate yourself to lose weight; just playing a pickup game with your buddies would be enough to burn a lot of calories. Running from one end of the court to another is akin to running the treadmill. Jumping and going down the post can add to the intensity of your workout – not to mention that playing basketball is fun and a nice way to build a healthy competition with your friends.


If someone asks – yes, both American football and Soccer. Football is one of the most efficient fat-burning sports in town. Running from one end of the field to another is more than enough exercise for anyone, and doing it for more than an hour certainly burns up your fat deposits. There’s no wonder why players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have the fittest bodies even for their body type, and Richard Sherman isn’t someone you can mess with, too.


Surprised that you see golf here? Although golf isn’t as demanding as basketball and football, it involves a good workout for older men. If you ditch the caddie and carry your own clubs, it would definitely be a great workout for you and your buddies. Golf courses are far larger than any other sporting field, and by simply walking with your clubs can burn enough calories to help you lose weight.

Tennis and Badminton

Think about Maria Sharapova, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer. There’s a reason why these athletes stay fit all the time. Even though your running space isn’t as big as a football field, the quick bursts of energy when you run from one side to another burns a lot of calories. Playing tennis and badminton involves quick muscular movements that require a lot of energy, and that’s why it’s the go-to sport of celebrities to keep themselves looking fit and lean.


Swimming is arguably the best fat-burning sport in this list, because it involves all of your muscle groups and it trains you to maximize your lung capacity. Swimmers are like the cross of endurance athletes and tennis players. They involve quick, athletic movements while maximizing the calories burned with their effective aerobic techniques.

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