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5 Reasons to do Leg Days

More reasons to start loving your leg days

With the bulk of the bodybuilding community always talking about their abs, their arms, and their back muscles, it’s hard not to miss that not all of them work on their leg muscles. For one, many people think that certain exercises already stimulate their leg muscles enough to stimulate muscle growth, like cycling and running; real leg days require more than just cardio exercises to make it work.

Friends never let their friends miss leg days. What use would it be if you have a nice set of upper-body muscles without strong muscles in your legs to support them firmly? Here are 5 reasons for you to do leg days:

More muscle, faster metabolism. 

Working on your upper body muscles can boost your metabolism a bit, but by working both your upper body and lower body muscles, you’re increasing your metabolic rate more. You can focus on maximizing your metabolism by doing leg days on days when your other muscle groups are recovering from a previous workout. Faster metabolism means that you wouldn’t worry too much about reducing body fat when cutting season comes.

Boost athletic performance

Athletic performance isn’t just limited on sporting events. Doing your leg days religiously would greatly improve your athletic performance, which would then turn into better performance during your workouts. You can increase the types of exercises that you do. Your legs can better support your upper body if you continuously work on them. A stronger lower body can help you strengthen your upper body by increasing the frequency and variety of the upper body exercises that you can do.

Maintain the right body symmetry

If you focus on upper body workouts and pay less attention on your leg muscles, you would stick out like a sore thumb. How many memes on the internet have we seen about men missing leg days? If you miss leg days, your body will be out of proportion, and instead of drawing oohs and ahhs, you’d be drawing snickers from people who didn’t know better.

Make back pain go away

Most of the time, the cause of back pain is weak lower body muscles. Tight, underworked muscles give your body the fits when you sleep in a bad position, drive for a long period of time, or by just simply sitting in your office chair. Leg exercises also work on the muscles supporting your back, legs, and buttocks which would create a better muscular support to prevent injury and pain on your back area.

Off day workouts

Many bodybuilders stop and take a break when their muscles are recovering from a previous workout. That’s why leg days are leg days – because you only work on your legs during leg days. If your upper body muscles are recovering, then you can do leg exercises and you won’t risk injuring yourself or prolonging your recovery. By doing leg days on off days, you can maximize the workouts you can do in a week. For a faster post-workout recovery, make sure that you use the best supplement for muscle gain, NitroGenix 365.


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