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5 Myths about Bodybuilding Revealed

5 Myths about Bodybuilding Revealed

Bodybuilding misconceptions that you need to stop believing

In the world of bodybuilding, it’s quite common to encounter a number of self-proclaimed experts claiming to know the best way to a great body. Truth be told, there are only a handful of legit experts who I would listen to, and that says a lot about the industry. With the varying beliefs and disciplines concerning bodybuilding, it’s hard not to blame these self-proclaimed experts with the number of incorrect beliefs circulating the web.

Bodybuilding myths aren’t just a huge waste of time, they can also be treated as health risks. Be in the know with the latest in bodybuilding. Here are 5 myths about bodybuilding that you need to know:

Big muscles will slow you down

It wouldn’t be the first time to hear about how big muscles will eventually slow you down and affect your athleticism. We’ve seen it time and time again in professional wrestling, where big, bulky wrestlers are stereotyped as slower opponents, and slimmer and smaller opponents are those who are typically athletic and fast. By now, you have already seen LeBron James and you know what the King can do in a basketball court. That should be proof that muscle size do not affect your athleticism, but your athletic exercises do. If all you do is build muscle without paying attention to your athleticism, then you can expect to slow down eventually.

Gym dudes are douchebags

Here’s a stereotype we’ve seen Hollywood portray over and over again. Gym dudes are seen as simple-minded douchebags who are overly in-love with themselves. Bodybuilding involves a certain level of vanity, but that doesn’t mean that it turns every bodybuilder into a douchebag. In fact, the gym community is one of the most tightly-knit communities you will ever see where everyone is willing to help each other out.

You’ll need to take steroids to look like the last Mr. Olympia 

The most common question bodybuilders get asked is – are you using steroids? While the use of anabolic steroids is quite prevalent in some circles, the all-natural supplement community of bodybuilders might take this as an insult. These are the people who stuck with the best male enhancement supplements and made it work. They had the opportunity to take a shortcut, but they didn’t. No, you don’t need to take steroids, but you can take supplements to speed up your progress.

Pain makes your muscles bigger

You would need to distinguish between muscle fatigue and pain to know if you’re having progress or not. Obviously, muscle fatigue is common. It will hurt, but only for a while. If your muscles are painful, then you would need to stop your exercise ASAP or else you’d increase your risk for injury.

Protein is all you need

Bodybuilders need protein to build muscles during post-workout recovery, but protein isn’t the only supplement that you need. You’ll need the best muscle building supplements that contain vasodilators to increase the blood flow to your muscles and help them heal faster. NitroGenix 365 contains a nice blend of NO boosters and muscle-building ingredients to help you build muscles the fastest way possible.


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