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5 Myths About Alcohol Revealed

5 Myths About Alcohol Revealed

Learn more about the truths and lies about Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages make up a multi-billion dollar industry that gets everyone hooked to its effects. It’s the world’s most used drug that frequently sends partygoers, alcoholics, and occasional drinkers to the ER because of acute alcohol intoxication. As amazing as it may sound, majority of those who consume large amounts of alcoholic beverages do not realize that their habits put them at a high risk.

If it wasn’t for the use of alcohol as a social lubricant and for its ability to influence your decision making, alcohol wouldn’t be as enjoyable. Many of those who consume alcoholic drinks do not pay enough attention to their own limits, which increases the risks of intoxication. Over the years, people had their own beliefs about the effects of alcohol that aren’t exactly accurate. Here are 5 myths about alcohol revealed:

You can quickly sober up

People say that you don’t have to worry about getting wasted because there are ways to help you to get sober fast. Some believe that drinking a cup of black coffee helps, or drinking a lot of clear fluids will help flush alcohol from your body. Some believe that the banana bag IV fluid will help you get rid of alcohol fast. Unfortunately, there’s no proven method to quickly sober up.

Aged wine is always better

You’ve tasted the genuine vintage and you get convinced that aged wine is always better. It’s more complex in flavor, has better quality, and definitely more expensive. However, it’s not the same with every type of wine. Some are meant to be consumed within a year, and some need to age for a few years before it reaches its top quality.

Wine is a good antioxidant

While it’s true that wine is a good source of antioxidants, the same cannot be said for vintage wines. Like what we’ve mentioned in the previous entry, some types of wines need to be aged to reach its peak quality, and the longer it takes for the wine batch to reach its peak quality, it would lose more of its antioxidant properties.

You can’t avoid a hangover

Studies show that about 3 out of 4 drinkers will experience a hangover. Anyone who enjoys a brew will tell you that hangovers do not happen always, but it does happen – and you can’t tell when. However, there are ways that you can avoid a hangover by choosing the right alcoholic drinks. Chemicals formed during alcohol metabolism, or congeners affect the severity and frequency of a hangover. Dark-colored liquors such as wine, whiskey, and bourbon can increase the possibility of getting a hangover, while light/clear liquors like vodka and gin would lower your risk of getting a hangover.

Beer will get you a beer gut

Almost anything taken in excess is bad for your body, including beer and any other alcoholic drinks. However, beer is not the reason why you get a beer gut. Typically, those who consume beer in excess do not watch what they eat as well, resulting in what we know as a beer gut. For people who have already developed a beer gut, it would be smart to invest in the best fat burning supplements like LipoGenix Elite to help you get rid of your beer gut.


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