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5 Healthy Foods You Can Eat When You Don’t Feel like Cooking

by healthymensinfo

Ideally everyone wants to maintain good overall health, and the most obvious place to start is our diet. One of the best things we can do in that department is to prepare our foods on our own, so that we know exactly what goes in to our foods, and how many calories we are actually eating.

This is a great strategy when it comes to losing weight however there are those days where we just don’t feel like investing 30 or 45 minutes to make a meal. These are the days where we typically destroy our diets by stopping off at a fast food joint or somewhere else where we can grab a quick meal.

The next time you are craving food but don’t feel like cooking, stop yourself from heading off to get fast food and check the fridge first. You can whip up one of these healthier meals in less time than it would take you to jump in the car and get back home.

1-Scrambled Eggs and Vegetables

5 Healthy Foods You Can Eat When You Don’t Feel like Cooking

Scrambled eggs with a side of grilled vegetables is an extremely healthy dish you can make for any meal, and is one that is extremely low effort.

Just grab a pan, throw in enough oil to coat the bottom, and throw in your eggs and vegetables. You are making scrambled eggs here so you can throw them both in at the same time here along with a little bit of salt and pepper.

This meal should take you all of 5 minutes to make, is extremely cheap and easy to do. If you want to add more flavor to the dish, try adding some hot sauce or some salsa which requires little additional effort.

2-Mixed Salad

This is another thing that extremely easy to make, and one that you can make using leftovers you can find in the fridge. You can pretty much put anything in a salad and make it work, so use what you have available to you.

Constructing a salad that is well balanced from a nutritional standpoint may sound difficult, as proteins always seem to require some type of effort in preparation. However in this case you can even toss on some canned chicken, tuna, or a hardboiled egg on your salad if you really don’t feel like putting any effort in.

3-Tuna Salad

5 Healthy Foods You Can Eat When You Don’t Feel like Cooking

Tuna is already a pretty healthy food on its own, containing a very good amount of protein per serving, as well as plenty of healthy omega 3 fats. Making a tuna salad requires little to no preparation also, and can even be eaten straight from the can if you really wanted to.

Tuna salad is another dish where you can really vary things up, like using yellow mustard instead of mayonnaise, or adding various types of greens to give it some color and texture.

Tuna salad goes great on sandwiches, and when paired with whole grain or Ezekiel bread it really makes for a well balanced and healthy meal. How long really does it take to make a tuna fish sandwich or salad?

4-Zucchini Pasta

Most pasta dishes are really easy to make, and the most time consuming thing about it is waiting for the water to boil and pasta to cook. The difference between your traditional wheat pasta and zucchini pasta is that the zucchini is sliced very thin similar to angel hair pasta, and thus cooks much faster.

The zucchini pasta also has a lower glycemic index than your average wheat pasta, making it a healthier choice overall. Top your zucchini pasta with some tomato sauce, olive oil and goat cheese to round out the dish.

5-Grilled Chicken, Rice and Vegetables

Grilled chicken, rice and vegetables is a staple meal in any bodybuilder’s nutritional plan, so you know that it is healthy and a well balanced meal. It is extremely easy to make as well, as you can buy frozen bags of rice and vegetables that you can just pop in the microwave for easy preparation. Grilled chicken is easy to make as well, and also requires little time to do so.

This meal contains plenty of lean protein in the form of chicken, as well as the necessary micronutrients in vitamins and minerals from the vegetables. Both the rice and vegetables provide fiber and carbohydrates as well, and the rice does have some healthy omega 3 fats too, rounding things out.

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