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5 CrossFit Myths Exposed

5 CrossFit Myths Exposed

Be informed. Don’t fall for these crossfit myths!

The crossfit craze has swept the entire nation and almost every fitness enthusiast has considered switching over to crossfit. The recent success of crossfit has got us asking – is it really as good (or as bad) as they say it is?

Crossfit is everywhere – you see crossfit games on the TV screens, posters and billboards promoting crossfit, and with people you know starting to look and feel fit after switching to crossfit; it’s hard not to be convinced that crossfit works. Since crossfit has many variations, people have started manufacturing myths about the fitness movement. Here are 5 crossfit myths exposed:

Crossfit is injury-prone

Like any other sport, injuries are expected. There are myths circulating that are trying to discredit crossfit by saying that the sport gives very little meaning to safety. While it’s true that athletes have been injured while doing crossfit, it doesn’t mean that it makes them more prone to injury because they do crossfit. Your injury risk for doing crossfit is just the same as doing any other sport. Injuries because of doing crossfit has very little to do with how the workouts are designed, as compared to the people’s awareness of their own limits.

Rhabdo is a risk for crossfit

Rhabdo, or rhabdomyolysis is a real, life-threatening condition when muscle tissue becomes severely damaged that damaged muscle tissue leaks into the blood and cause kidney damage. Rhabdo is a real risk for anyone who does crossfit, but it’s not any riskier for any athlete who does other sports. Rhabdo is easily managed by proper nutrition and knowing your own limitations.

Crossfit trainers are all experts

Given the broad reach of crossfit, it’s no surprise that there’s a number of people who have adopted crossfit as their job and way of life, but that doesn’t mean that all crossfit trainers are all fully qualified. To get your crossfit training certificate, all you have to do is attend a weekend instructional course – no prior fitness experience and credentials are needed to secure your crossfit certification. It’s that easy. If you’re looking for a good crossfit instructor, rely on word-of-mouth or join a local gym (or box as they call it).

Crossfit is an exclusive community

Some crossfit fanatics think that crossfit is the only and true way to fitness. This makes some crossfit gyms too exclusive that it’s not accommodating to new people who want to join their box. However, many gyms adopt a friendly atmosphere which makes it more accommodating to newbies. Although the workouts are intimidating, some members make it a point to help out new people to try and get them on their crossfit level.

You must be competitive

The crossfit community is indeed competitive, but that doesn’t require you to be competitive in order to do crossfit. Of course, complacency is the enemy of competition, and you have to be at least competitive with yourself in order to see some progress.

If you’re planning to start crossfit, now would be a good time to start looking for a box to work on, a buddy to help, and the best supplements for muscle gain. Crossfit is intense, and make that intensity count by using the best muscle building supplements like NitroGenix 365


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