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4 Ways to Fulfill her Fantasies Without Going Full Out

by healthymensinfo

4 Ways to Fulfill her Fantasies Without Going Full Out

We all have secret sexual fantasies locked away in the naughty regions of our brains. Sometimes fantasies are meant to stay well…fantasies. You may not be able to play it out in real life, but there are ways to simulate certain scenarios and give her what she wants. Here are five ways to hack her secret sexual scenarios.


You don’t need to go out and get a bondage kit, nor do you even need handcuffs or rope. If you know this is one of her fantasies, you can use your own hands to hold her down. Get her to lie on her back and place her hands above her head. Hold them down (you can prop yourself up on your elbows) while you fuck her in missionary. You can also hold her hands behind her back as if she is “under arrest” and fuck her from behind. She will get the same feeling of being controlled that she would if she was tied up. When she’s sucking on your cock, try holding her head as if you are controlling her movements. Any way you can hold her body in position with medium force, will be a huge turn on.

Being Watched

This is a very common fantasy for women. Since you can’t rely on being watched, simulate the experience by having sex near a window, with her facing out. Just the idea of being exposed in this way will make her hot. You can also watch her while she touches herself. If she’s feeling shy you can help her out by guiding her hands with yours. Make her squeeze her breasts or go lower and have her finger herself. Show her what you want her to do and then let her continue on her own.


Some women like getting smacked around a bit, especially on the rear. Find out what level of force she likes by giving her a light spanking and asking “how does that feel? Softer or harder”? If she says harder, do it again with a little more force and ask the question again. If she says softer, then gently rub the area and give a lighter pat. Being spanked makes her feel vulnerable which is a very sexy feeling. If she likes being spanked she might like other areas to be hit lightly as well. Don’t just “go for it”. This is something you will have to ask her. Trust is very important when using force during sex.

Role play

She may have a fantasy about a doctor or a certain celebrity or character, but who has time to put together a costume? The good news is, you can bring this fantasy to life by using words alone. Women have very strong imaginations. They don’t necessarily need to see it right in front of their face. Whatever the character, use quotes or make up some dirty lines of your own.

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