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4 Reasons not to buy Banned Supplements 

by healthymensinfo
4 Reasons not to buy Banned Supplements

Why supplements are banned and why you shouldn’t take them

It can be tempting to buy banned supplements. After all, many buyers have learned that majority of the supplements offered today are either ineffective or scams. Some may think that by buying banned supplements, they might actually be buying something that works. However, it’s not always as simple as that.

The FDA bans some supplements after acting on complaints raised by customers. If the FDA finds a dangerous ingredient included in a product’s formula, a statement will be released and the product should be pulled out from the stores selling them. However, the internet makes buying these banned products overseas possible, and you cannot stop determined users from buying banned products.

Buying banned supplements can be incredibly risky. Here are 4 reasons not to buy banned supplements:

Banned supplements can interact with your medicine

One of the major reasons why supplements get banned is because they do not completely disclose the ingredients in their formula. The problem with ingredients that are not declared is that the warnings for taking these ingredients are not published as well – including possible drug interactions. This can make the side effects of drugs worse, or it can counteract the medicine that you are taking.

Banned supplements can cause heart attacks and/or stroke

One of the banned ingredients for fat-burning supplements, DMAA or 3-dimethylamylamine, can cause heart attacks and stroke. Basically, it increases your blood pressure, raises your respiratory rate, and it also constricts your blood vessels. While this is a combination that would surely make you lose weight, it can cause severe side effects especially for those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases. Banned male enhancement supplements also contain ingredients that can nullify the effects of your blood pressure and cholesterol medicine, which can lead to heart attacks.

Banned male enhancement supplements only contain a small portion of prescription drugs

Majority of the banned male enhancement supplements are banned because they contain undeclared prescription drugs in its formula. While the “ban” part is supposed to make people stay away from these products, some actually make these products even more desirable. However, these products only contain trace amounts of prescription drugs. These trace amounts can still create adverse interactions with your medicine, but it would unlikely have male enhancement benefits.

Banned supplements are relatively more expensive

The supplement companies that still distribute banned supplements know that their products have become more difficult to acquire, and some distributors know that customers are actively looking for banned supplements. This is why they charge a premium for selling banned supplements. Supply and demand – this is why banned supplements are more expensive.

Banned supplements are not more effective than legit supplements. In fact, the best supplements are all legal to buy and sell in the United States. Be smart and buy only legit supplements. Check out our list of the best male enhancement supplements to get your money’s worth on your supplements.

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