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3 Ways to Bang the Hottest Girls at Your Job 

by healthymensinfo
3 Ways to Bang the Hottest Girls at Your Job

Working an office job is pretty brutal. You have to wake up early every day of the week, get your monkey clothes on, and then sit at a desk all day until you get to leave at 5 pm.

This daily grind will really wear you down. The only thing keeping you going is a fun Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. But then it all starts again on Monday.

How can you reduce your stress and mundane life? Have sex with the hot girls at your office!

The hot girls at your office are the ones you talk to all the time but don’t have the courage to bang. You see them every day, but you don’t do anything.

Yeah, there’s an old adage that goes “don’t shit where you eat.” While that is true, how can you ignore your passion for banging hot chicks?

But if you’re in a rut, here are 3 ways to bang the hottest chicks in your office with little to no effort at all:

Buy Them Stupid Shit

Buying that hot girl you sit next to a coffee once in a while is enough to say “I’m thinking about you.”

But really, you’re just doing it to make her think you’re a nice and cool guy. Maybe you are, but right now you’re not. Your main goal is to bang, not to be nice!

Buying them stupid shit like coffee is cheap, easy, and super simple. Besides, you were getting coffee for yourself anyway. All it’s costing you to have sex is $1.65 once a week or so. Worth it!

Be a Jerk

Being a jerk is great for picking up hot girls. For one, it exudes confidence and cockiness, which girls love.

It also shows that you’re fun, playful, and will be a fun date.

You shouldn’t be a gigantic jerk, but if you’re a playful jerk who plays pranks or pokes fun occasionally, you’ll be in the bag in no time.

Plus, it’s fun to make fun of people! Even hot girls!

Make Time To See Them Randomly

If you have a little down time in your day, make it a habit to casually go to their desk and chat them up. But make sure she’s not busy or your boss isn’t around.

Nobody wants to get fired. Sex isn’t worth that much. It almost is, but you need to pay the bills somehow.

Time it right, and come in with material ready for the conversation.

Making fun of her here is perfect!


With these tips, you’ll be on your way to sex town. It may take a few months, but you’ll eventually land a hottie or two. Good luck!


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