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13 Valid Reasons Why You Should Incorporate Morning Sex in Your Daily Habits

by John Gibson
morning sex

Starting your morning with a cup of joe definitely keeps your lazy bones going. Yet, there’s another morning ritual that provides you more benefits than your cappuccino does. This ritual makes your day exciting, boosts your energy levels, relieves stress, and, most of all, improves your mood.

You might probably have been doing it on certain days. But doing it every day can strengthen the bond you have with your partner. Get it by now? Yes, it’s morning sex. Morning sex always enables you to get up on the right side of the bed. Here are more of the reasons why:

1. You’re friskier in the early morning

There is no other time of day when your body is perfectly prepared for action than upon waking up. That morning wood, formally known as nocturnal penile tumescence, is your body’s way of telling you it’s the best time to have some frisky activity.

It’s not because you’re sexually stimulated, but it’s because good quality sleep enables your testosterone levels to increase. The higher your testosterone levels, the higher your sex drive is. Studies also show that high levels of testosterone give erection extra strength, which means you’ll last longer.

So, why not take that opportunity to the next level? Besides, orgasm can give your mood a boost. Morning sex is not only pleasurable but also makes your day more productive as you go through it feeling great.

2. You’ll connect more

Women love cuddling, connection, and intimacy. Starting your day with sexual connection deepens your bond. The oxytocin released during orgasm naturally helps strengthen that bond because that’s one role oxytocin plays in sexual relationships.

3. The good feelings remain throughout the day

sweet morning kissesYour feelings and emotions during the early mornings usually set the flow of your day. It creates good vibes in you that you project onto others. Having these positive feelings enhances your relationships whether it be at home, at work, or even in leisure time.

4. It’s a good stress reliever

Various studies revealed that sex is a great stress reliever. After ejaculation, tons of chemicals are released into your body allowing different changes to take place. Dopamine, a chemical associated with pleasure, simply makes you feel good while the pain-relieving endorphins boost your mood. Additionally, the release of oxytocin decreases the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Stress is not likely to beat you when you’ve started your day strong.

5. You burn calories

Morning sex enables you to burn as much as five calories per minute says a study from the Harvard Medical School. This is equivalent to taking a morning walk, which is not bad after all. Another study confirms that an hour of morning sex helps you burn almost as many calories as a thirty-minute morning jog. Though morning sex for an hour may not be always possible if you’re a busy person. A morning quickie will still do. You may not burn as many calories as you do with lifting weights, at least, you’re burning some while having fun.

6. You’ll look younger

You may not be able to prevent aging but you can delay it by having morning sex often. According to studies, aside from the excellent chemicals released during sex, other anti-inflammatory molecules go with them too. These substances help you to look younger while giving your skin what others call the post-coital glow. Now, you know. Morning sex can serve as a fountain of youth.

7. There’s not much to take off

Sex is easier when you’re already naked from last night’s intercourse. Your partner is more than eager to receive that warm hug leading to another steamy round.

8. You’ll be more mentally alert

Because sex has been linked to optimum brainpower, doing it in the morning can certainly make you more productive throughout the day. Scientists at the University of Maryland revealed that regular sexual activity can lead your brain to produce new neurons, which they call as neurogenesis.

Sex has also been found to improve your cognitive function enabling you to think more clearly. While most people nowadays attribute their clarity of thoughts to morning meditation, you now have another alternative to clear thinking which doesn’t require much inner struggle.

9. It’s your best alternative to coffee

morning coffee and intimacyWhen asked for the best thing to kick start their day with optimum energy, most people would surely answer a cup of coffee and a quick trip to the gym or hitting the pavement. Wouldn’t it be nice if you get that energy levels in just one activity? Morning sex will not only raise your energy levels but saves you more time as well.

10. It helps you maintain good health

During ejaculation, your body releases chemicals that help you protect against bacteria, viruses, and germs. One study in 2015 confirmed that sex can boost your immune system because of these anti-inflammatory properties.

11. It keeps your heart healthy

Blocked arteries contribute to heart problems, which can lead to erection issues. Having sex in the morning helps your circulatory system by increasing blood flow throughout your body. It also increases your heartbeat and reduces blood pressure.

12. You’re not doing it with a tired body

Sex doesn’t feel so great when you’re tired after a full day’s work. At times, we’re in a dilemma between wanting to sleep due to physical exhaustion and wanting to please our partner. But we often choose the latter for the relationship’s sake. If your work requires too much physical exertion, scheduling your sex sessions in the mornings greatly helps.

13. You see everything in plain view

As a man, you know too well how a naked body stimulates you sexually and visually. With those dimmed lights, night sex doesn’t give you everything you want to see.

Some people avoid the morning romp because they’re worried about having unpleasant breath. While this is true, bad breath doesn’t have to get in the way. You can try positions where you don’t have to face each other like doggy or spoon. Better yet, go kinkier in the shower.

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