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10 Ways to Dominate Her in Bed

by healthymensinfo
10 Ways to Dominate Her in Bed - Healthymensinfo

Most women love being dominated in bed. Anything you can do to “boss” her around a bit, will make her too hot for words. Here are some ways to put her in a vulnerable position.

Tell her to say please

This automatically gives you the upper hand. Tease her until she’s completely wet. Ask her if she wants to be fucked. If she nods yes. Tell her to say please. She will love this little game.

Boss her around

Tell her to get on her hands and knees. Tell her exactly what position you want her in. Giving commands like this puts her in reaction mode and that’s exactly where she wants to be.

Tie her up

If she’s into it, you can tie her hands behind her back with a neck tie or something soft like that. Hold onto the tie while you fuck her from behind. It will be thrilling for the both of you.

Hold her down


One really good way to show her who’s boss is to get her to lie on her stomach and press down on her shoulders while you fuck her. If she’s ok with pressure on her neck, go for it. Just make sure she’s down with it, the neck is a sensitive area.

Spank her

Women love a little spanking. The key is to have breaks between the spanks. Just slap her once and then soothe the pain away, give her a little kiss on the area you just hit. Go for another slap just as she’s getting comfortable. The shock of it will keep her wanting more.

Use her mouth

A really great dominant position for oral is her on her knees and you standing straight up. When she is sucking on you, hold her head and give light pressure so it actually seems like you’re the one doing all the work. She’s just going along for the ride.

Lift her legs


When going down on her, lift her legs so her knees are at her cheeks. This will make her feel vulnerable and exposed. Hold her legs up there with light pressure. Every now and then, stop and just watch her beg for you to continue.

Leave her

Once you have her naked, tie her hands together and tell her to not move a muscle. Leave the room for about 5-10 minutes. She will be getting more and more wet as she waits for your return.

Hold her face

When you speak to her, try holding firmly onto her cheeks with one hand. This will definitely “wake her up” and puts you in complete control.

Put her against the wall

One of the hottest positions is her against the wall while you hold her arms up firmly in place. Use the wall to push her up against when you start fucking her. Have her wrap a leg around you for extra sexy points.

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