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10 Little Things Men Do That Women Find Incredibly Attractive

by healthymensinfo
Women Find Incredibly Attractive - Healthymensinfo

You may not even be aware you are doing these things, but you can rest assured that women notice. Just like high heels and red lipstick seem to make men take a second look, there are some subtle little things that make women go “who’s that?”.

When you wear a suit

There’s a reason for all the hype. A well-fitted suit on a man will always warrant a second glance. It’s the equivalent of a woman wearing a form fitting red dress and heels. It’s honestly the sexiest thing you can wear.

When you know where you’re going

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I’m talking physically here, but you could also see this as where you are going “in life”. Nothing is more of a turn off than a man who relies on his GPS. Don’t ask why, it’s just more attractive when you know how to get places. Look at a map and figure it out. It makes you seem like a leader.

When you make a decision

One of the things that women wish we had more of, is the ability to make a final decision. We love to think about possibilities and it’s so attractive when a man can make a decision and stick to it. Here’s a secret…we really don’t care where we go to eat. We just want you to decide.

When you roll up your sleeves

Women find it super attractive when you roll up your sleeves. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a T-shirt or a long sleeved button-up. Showing more skin than you should is so sexy. There’s just something about the shoulder, biceps, forearms, that get us going.

When you play with little kids

This also applies to puppies. It just makes us swoon when you talk to little kids in a kind way. It probably has to do with some strange subconscious, reproductive instinct, but who cares. It totally makes us fall in love with you.

When you hold the door

Not only is it a normal, polite thing to do, it shows that you respect us and in turn makes us respect you. See how that works? This also applies to pulling out chairs.

When you lead


Women love the feeling of being “guided”. Especially if you’re in a busy area and you take her hand and lead her through. It will make her heart melt.

When you lean

Whether you lean over a table, against a wall, in a doorway, it’s all good. All types of leaning are encouraged here. Anything that shows off your strong arms is a win.

When you smell good

Women will literally follow you around if you smell good. Musky scents like sandalwood always seem to reel us in as well as that fresh laundry smell. So good.

When you love yourself

When you talk about yourself like you are your biggest fan. Nothing is better than that.

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