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fit guy who takes Progentra measuring his waist with tape

Smart Moves to Help With Weight Loss

Losing weight can be very hard. Once you do lose it, it can be just as hard to keep it off. As we age, our weight is not only important…

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low carb fad diet and reading up on Progentra

Fad Diets: Health Costs and Benefits

Every day, people try new fad diets that they heard about.  The internet is littered with articles about people who turned their lives around by trying a bizarre combination of…

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super food in bowls, berry, almond

The Best Superfoods to Keep You Healthy and Slim This Spring

Spring is already here, and the rush to get fit before beach season starts has begun. Getting to the gym more often certainly is going to help you meet your…

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fit woman measures waist and steps on scale

Reviewing the Safety & Efficacy of CLA Extreme

About CLA Extreme The cases of obesity and weight problems continue to rise. Latest statistics show that the number keeps on increasing every year. Thanks to our present lifestyle, people…

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fit guy measuring waist line and hears about Progentra

Hyped Weight Loss Tips You Shouldn’t Follow

If you’ve been in a weight loss management plan, you’ve probably heard the generally regarded do’s and don’ts. While many of these are for real, such as the importance of…

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side by side man's weight loss

How Safe & Effectual is Healthe Trim Raspberry Ketone?

Product Overview Thanks to getting featured on Dr. Oz’s television program back in 2012, raspberry ketone became a well-known weight loss component. For this reason, numerous companies like Healthe Trim…

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How to Determine If You’re Skinny Fat and What to Do to Fix It

The weight scale can be a really useful tool when it comes to tracking weight loss, however the fact is that many of us rely too heavily on this piece…

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How to Keep the Pounds off During the Holidays-Food Hacks to Stay Trim

It is holiday season yet again arguably the time of year where most of us have difficulty sticking to our diet and exercise routine. Between all of the family members…

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Effortless Ways to Lose Weight Naturally in Quick Easy Steps

Is once again that time of year where we trade our swimsuits, for sweatpants and hoodies. Having less skin showing in addition to setting the clocks back and generally having…

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5 Healthy Foods You Can Eat When You Don’t Feel like Cooking

Ideally everyone wants to maintain good overall health, and the most obvious place to start is our diet. One of the best things we can do in that department is…

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