Supplement Reviews

Loginexx Reviews


Grade: F Longinexx claims to give you larger, fuller, firmer erections, increase sexual stamina and energy, increased sexual ability, more forceful orgasms, improved recovery times for more sex, and improved…

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Lexaryn Reviews


Grade: C (Low Risk) Lexaryn is an all-natural male enhancement supplement that claims to treat erectile dysfunction and sexual performance. Advertisements claim Lexaryn is more effective than FDA approved prescription…

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LeanMuscleXL Reviews

Lean Muscle X

Grade: F (Severe Risk) Lean Muscle X is a male enhancement product that promises to increase lean muscle and sexual performance within four weeks. However, this product is primarily marketed…

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Jacked Reviews

Jacked Muscle Extreme

Grade: 87 (Very Effective) With so many great all-natural alternatives to harmful pharmaceuticals being released, there will come a time when the world no longer needs pharmaceuticals to enhance one’s…

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Horny Toad Reviews

Horny Toad

Grade: F (Severe Risk) Horny Toad Weed is a natural male enhancement product that claims to enhance your sexual performance and pleasure. We were unable to test this product. Our…

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Hugegenic Reviews


Grade: 91 (Highly Effective) Hugegenic’s message is clear and concise: by incorporating this product into your daily routine, you’ll see a higher libido, higher sex-drive, and increased erection and penis…

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FB Test 1 Reviews

FB-1 Test

Grade: 88 (Very Effective) FB-1 Test is a very exciting product on paper. It’s packed with plenty of ingredients that are sure to deepen your sex life. This is the…

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Extragen B Reviews


Grade: D (Moderate Risk) Extragen is a natural male enhancement product that claims to increase size, firmness and duration of erections. It was exciting to begin testing a product devoted…

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Extra B Reviews


Grade: F (Severe Risk) Extra is a natural male enhancement product that guarantees an increase of 3 inches in length and 20% in width in penis size. We were suspicious…

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Extenze Reviews


Grade: F (Severe Risk) Enzyte is an all-natural male enhancement product for increasing penis length, performance and stamina; Provided the advertisers of Enzyte are truthful about their product. At first…

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