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couple with toddlers in bed showing feet

Sex & Toddlers: Is it Possible to Have Both?

This is a very odd question: Is it possible to have a toddler and still have a regular sex...

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businessman looking through telescope for the future and happy about Progentra

6 Ways You Can Use Vision To Catapult Your Business To New Heights

Vision is a future-oriented mindset that focuses on what could be. Successful entrepreneurs have a strong idea of what...

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low carb fad diet and reading up on Progentra
Weight Loss

Fad Diets: Health Costs and Benefits

Every day, people try new fad diets that they heard about.  The internet is littered with articles about people...

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man shocked at positive pregnancy test, prevent testicular cancer with help from Progentra

The Truth about Home Pregnancy Testing for Men

In 2012, someone posted a short comic on Reddit about a male friend who took an ex-girlfriend’s home pregnancy...

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rest and recovery after workout of man who uses Progentra

Rest & Recovery Realities

Many people get stuck on one aspect or another of fitness from protein power to performing precise exercises. Rest...

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doctor to conduct prostate exam on Progentra user

The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the leading cancer that affects men. Prostate cancer occurs in, you guessed it, the prostate. This...

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sexy woman waiting in bed for his man taking Progentra pills

A Man’s Guide to Understanding Women in the Bedroom

Guys, women do not like constant banging and thrusting while having sex. Honestly, they’d rather have quick, amazing sex...

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ginger tea with lemon and mint

5 Popular Athletic Performance Boosting Alkaloids

Did you know that cocaine is an alkaloid? Alkaloids are nitrogen-containing compounds made by plants. Other examples of alkaloids...

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male runner sprinting with good form

How Running Affects You Between the Sheets

Have you been thinking about taking up running? Maybe you don’t know where to start, or maybe you’re worried...

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man screaming and stressed in workplace

3 Detrimental Effects Of An Unhealthy Work Environment

          In 2017, the World Health Day theme centered around mental health in the workplace. The choice of the...

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