Eating Food Scraps of Fruits and Vegetables

If you want to eat healthy, then you definitely want to eat many fruits and vegetables. Many types of plants are packed with fibers, proteins, antioxidants, and other important nutrients….

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How to Calculate Your Dosage for Weed Edibles

Eating weed, instead of smoking it, can be cool. However, when it comes to seeing pictures float in midair and watching the walls melt around you, eating weed is no…

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Foods to Help You Sleep

In order to stay healthy, you need to sleep well at night because sleep is allows your brain and metabolism to work properly. Therefore, you need about seven hours of…

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fit guy who takes Progentra measuring his waist with tape

Smart Moves to Help With Weight Loss

Losing weight can be very hard. Once you do lose it, it can be just as hard to keep it off. As we age, our weight is not only important…

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cadaver on a metal bed and tag on foot


Death will come to all of us. Though it may be the unknown that we can never know, it doesn’t have to be something we fear. Some people say that…

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man holding phone while touching his junk after taking Progentra

5 Ways To Gain More Pleasure When Masturbating

Masturbation is all about solo sexual stimulation and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Solo play can actually do you a lot of good by helping relieve stress and sexual…

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fit guy who takes Progentra eating salad after yoga

Simple Health Tips That Every Man Should Know

Most people want to live and long and happy life and certain simply habits can help you to achieve this goal. However, men tend to ignore their health needs, which…

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man who takes Progentra craving for chocolate in front of him

Food Cravings

Everyone likes different types of food, but sudden cravings can actually tell you a lot about your body. Cravings usually occur when you are not truly hungry; instead, you might…

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passionate couple kissing in bed man has been taking Progentra supplement


While sex can be enjoyed anytime, as you know, you might be surprised that certain times actually are better than others. Sex is a great stress-reducer and you could maximize…

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couple going for a run together in the morning

Tips and Tricks for Healthy Living

In general, we can all stand to lead healthier lives. Unless you’re a highly paid actor who needs to lead the healthiest life humanely possible to be prepared for your…

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